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the cost of the hobby

Article about: I would like to start a thread on the cost of collecting in general. i have pondered the cost of collectables all of my life well at least since i started collecting. and thanks to having a

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    Default the cost of the hobby

    I would like to start a thread on the cost of collecting in general. i have pondered the cost of collectables all of my life well at least since i started collecting. and thanks to having a young familly i am no stranger to the reality of fiscal relitivity and supply and damand.
    and hear is the but. But it does seem that the cost of collecting is fast out striping the anual increase in my anual earnings.
    i should explain i live in the uk and at the moment i collect deac pistols and a few years ago a 38 enfield would have cost around 100 to 120 now 250 plus and it's new spec.
    you could get a no4 enfield for 80 to 100 now 200 plus.
    i don't mind peaple making a profit i have done it my self but what is going on? is it just supply and demand? are there more collectors out there now i hope so. are the dealers getting rich?
    what about the young collectors how do they get started what can you collect these days that is interesting and pocket money?
    you may collect something unusual like german factory id pins they are very rare and hard to come by. they probebly sell for not a lot of cash cos they are so hard to find there for hard to collect. but i would say these type of items are for the advanced collector that has developed there interest over time.
    i would gues that the new collector may find something like guns, hats, swords, medals or badges as a good place to start but all the sexy stuff is expensive.what are they to do? look at the price of true antique guns they have become the pas time of the rich and strangley un regulated. if you want to collect 17 & 18 century wild foul pieces you are a jent of tast if you collect ww2 fighting knifes you dont tell a sole exept from another colletor and that is the only political point i will make.
    just thinking out loud chaps over to you all.

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    Default Re: the cost of the hobby

    Andy, I think the cost of living has just gone up in general. The internet has been a curse as well as a blessing to collecting. The internet has no doubt increased the number of collectors, but this has had the effect of increased demand on the supply, which naturally is going to increase the prices as you stated. There are still many areas that young collectors can start as long as they educate themselves before they buy. Now, when I am shopping and find a piece for a good price, I buy it even if it's not in my area of interest. Then I use the piece to barter for trades. I have traded for alot of nice things so it's definitely one method that works. It's hard to find great buys anymore, but they are still out there.


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    Hi Jay
    I know what you mean especially the internet has made even things like this forum pos. if you think back the only othere way to meet to collectors would be at fairs or standing chatting for hours in your local military shop. my local was just millitary in abbydale road sheffield (the good old days).
    would you say prices have risen fast in other areas of collecting?

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    Default Re: the cost of the hobby

    Hi Andy

    I agree with your observations on the collecting "trade" as it stands today and the diversity of the hobby with regard to what people collect and the perceptions of non-collectors. Ive been a "bit and bob" collector for years but only now have I the time and finances (wife permitting) to collect what I really like (de-act rifles, and heaven forbid should I admit I have any german ww2 items in the collection)

    My first piece was a 1918 SMLE bought from the old Nottingham commadore rooms back in 1995, 80 and 30 for a bayonet, happy days!

    But after getting back into things several years ago I noticed that prices were quickly rising for run of the mill mass produced firearms, AK's command too much money in my opinion and theres 60+ milllion of those knocking about. I mostly buy privately now as the prices seem more realistic but there are one or two dealers who I use who still provide good value for money.

    I've not seen any dealers cruising about in rolls royce's, and there seems to be a new seller each month, so who knows? with the economic job as it is at the moment worldwide, maybe prices will come down? The only obstacle I can see for the future of the hobby of collecting de-acts (in the UK at least) would be any ban or registration of collectors! (if were not registered somewhere already)

    But i do wonder where the next generation of collectors will come from, one of the plus points of collecting deacts is that they do appreciate in value and are or can be an investment for the future.....but of no-one is wanting to collect the things in 20 30 or 40 years time then its a false economy.

    Just my rambling tuppence worth too. Thanks for the soapbox Andy,


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    Hi Reg
    I agree with you actually. i just wanted to get some other opinions grumpy old man that i am. i have to take this opertunity to point out some of the dealers at arms fairs have been extremely jenerous to my son. He now has a nice small collection of inert ammo that he has eather bean given or has paid well below the ticket pirce.
    i also know what you mean about ww2 german items tell no one unless you know them well. sadly these are among the most expensive items also.
    who are the dealers you would recomend? I have had dealings with worldwide arms ryton and worthing guns Ryton have some cracking ww2 russian stuff at the moment good value also. worldwide are tempting me with some 38 webly revolvers they have about 3 or 4 types at the for worthing guns they seem to mainly deal in pistols and they have some very very rare items. think if i won the lotery i would just purchace all his stock.
    i am not into naming and shaming hear but if some are offering a good service then i think its ok to say.

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    Default Re: the cost of the hobby

    i think you make good points ! it is hard for a yong collector in this fild ! gun prices have sored recently ! i think in years to come it will be modern stuff collected by teens and ww2 stuff a hobby for the welthy !

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