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Could Hitler drive?

Article about: Hi Guys, I found this picture on the net today. It shows Hitler on his 50th birthday being presented a VW Beetle by Ferdinand Porsche. Also can be seen Bormann, Ley and other leading nazis.

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    Quote by talltom View Post
    Probaby best your gonna see...
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    not really driving, but close enough

    This may indeed be the closest we'll get............!


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    I just found this, I'm not sure whether it's his drivers licence or his RAC card but it might be relevant. cheers, Dave.
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    Hitler could drive, and loved cars. He did drive himself sometimes in the 20s and maybe also later. I seem to remember his drivinglicen from the 20s where on sale on Hermann historica some years ago


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    I think he had a Mercedes Benz? If he had, he had a good taste of cars, at least!

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    Just for the sake of accuracy, please allow me to point out that neither of the two items in post # 35 above is a driver's license.

    The left one is the registration for a car owned by the NSDAP (according to the caption, their first one) and the one on the right is Hitler's 1925 membership card for the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club, i.e. German General Automobile Club).

    The item in post # 32 is his 1934/35 membership card for the DDAC (Der Deutsche Automobil-Club, i.e. The German Automobile Club), which was created in 1933 by merging the ADAC and all other national automobile associations.

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