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Crazy bomb damage images ww2

Article about: Crazy bomb damage images ww2 Can only imaging how many bombs were dropped and how many didnt go off that are still laying around.... Zeitz, Germany. C. 1945-02. The Zeitz synthetic oil plant

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    Vertical photographic reconnaissance aerial showing the airfield of Melsbroek, Belgium, following a daylight attack by aircraft of Bomber Command on 15 August 1944. Craters from bombs cover most of the airfield, which was one of nine attacked in preparation for a renewed night offensive against Germany.

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    Alot more here....

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    Not a aerial reconnaissance but a pretty surreal photo of a bombed out shop with tailor mannequins impaled on rails:

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Is post 5 from Peenemünde?
    Yes Ade, I believe that the image in post 5 is Peenemünde.


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    Quote by tailor marc View Post
    Pointe du hoc

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    Quote "Yes Ade, I believe that the image in post 5 is Peenemünde."
    Looks like radar station to me.

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    Are there any photos that show the German bombing results in England like this?

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    The Pointe du hoc photograph always gets me.
    I visited it in the spring in some pretty miserable weather (aprox -1 degrees, sleet, and windy as hell), and it was one of the most chilling yet amazing things I have ever experienced. The bomb craters are deep enough to get stuck in at some points. It really makes you realize just how powerful such explosives were.

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