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Are current generations aware of what took place.

Article about: Gents, I've started this thread so as not to take over any of Carls excellent holocaust threads with a separate topic. I just want to make mention of my own personal experiences regarding wh

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    Interestingly Frundsberg, it was always the German tourists who raised the topic of the war to me, I never once raised it with them because I didn't want them to feel uncomfortable.

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    I would ask why should we remember?

    Has there ever been a war that didn't have its antecedents in the remembering of grievances from a previous war or conflict?

    For me the issue is that "We" have consistently failed to find a way of commemorating and remembering these tragic events of history so that they do not become the catalyst for future conflict and wars.

    How do we commemorate the sacrifice of the war dead without glorification or remembering the war they died in, I don't think it is possible and therein lies the eternal problem...of the glorious dead.
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    just a question. japanese citizens would be able to research war crimes of the japanese armys in the 30s and 40s . if they were intrested to know. ie internet, or books. in japan. would any one know this.

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