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Dealer Helmut Weitze/ ?

Article about: What kind of reputation does Weitze have got re. authenticity of items and general reliability? There's a few items on there that I'm interested in but I'd like to hear what people in the kn

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    He is a fine dealer as long as you are willing to pay his insane prices.
    Personally i prefer to buy from other collectors and get fair prices even that this means i will have to wait for some time until i find what i am looking for.
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    Excellent dealer and lightning fast shipping.
    I have done deals with them plenty of times.

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    Know what your buying, but that goes for any dealer. I have bought some hard to find photos from him, that's about it.

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    I cannot state that I have ever purchased from Herr Weitze, but I often view his website, and have perused his tables at the MAX Show & SOS for many years.
    As stated, his prices are most definitely on the high side, but he has some great items. I am mainly a headgear collector, and I must say that one must be careful with some of his Third Reich items, but feel quite confident on Imperial headgear, IMHO.


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    Quote by don_kihotis7 View Post
    He is a fine dealer as long as you are willing to pay his insane prices.
    Personally i prefer to buy from other collectors and get fair prices even that this means i will have to wait for some time until i find what i am looking for.
    I couldn't agree more!
    It is not just telling right from wrong, but it is also the quest to find it at reasonable prices; to me that is!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Hello !
    I'm looking for the "Helmut Weitze for dummies".
    I have put an item in my "Warenkorb", I have receive a mail and I have done the banktransfer.

    After reading this thread, I have the falling to not being in the good way.

    Before to pay Mister Weitze, I would have to wait for a second email confirming that the object was really sold me ? Because Helmuth check the sales every weekly updates.

    Isn't it ?

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    All I know is that even though items on his site sell they might not be removed from the site, appearing on there as though they were still available for purchase, for several updates to come --- I've had this happen several times but I've never ordered and paid for something that actually wasn't available (yet). I'm not really 100% on how their order confirmation system works though.

    Other than that I have to say that I've had no problems dealing with Weitze, this since me first starting this thread... but as mentioned, just like I have experienced myself, always know what you're looking for etc. His prices can be very high...

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    A good, reputable dealer who doesn't need the money anyway. Just be a tad careful with the autographs.

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    He is a Very decent and reputable dealer- very smooth and enjoyable to work with. He does,however, also have a few outright modern fakes in his listings as well. One, I recall, was a Croatian Beer Mug that was being advertised as brought back by a German soldier, but was absolutely newly made. And he doesn't always like to hear criticism of these items. As with all dealers, they cannot ever be 100% despite the expectations, but a person should always simply do their research first before purchasing. Not exactly rocket science.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    As a helmet collector I have been checking Weitze's inventory for over a decade now and it is constantly filled with bad apples.
    (as with most dealers).
    We have got to stop kidding ourselves and make dealers account for them , 'mistakes' will not explain the fakes. This is long term intentional fraud with the refund warranty as a lure.

    It is a scam that a lot of dealers run.
    It makes money for the dealer in 2 ways :
    1) If the item is outed as a fake the owner gets a refund
    2) This can be after 1 year or longer which means you have given the dealer an interest free loan for an undisclosed period. (and the buyer may missed on buying really authentic helmets as his money is locked in junk).


    3) The fake item is never discover as a fake = pure profit

    Yes the dealer will ship and refund , rip you a second ******** and you are still smiling as a happy customer. That is the perfect scam.

    Here some fakes I picked out only yesterday.
    Crap from Weitze militaria
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