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Demolition of German bunkers in Denmark begins.

Article about: Første bunker hugget i stykker | TV/MIDT-VEST (first bunker cuts to pieces) It is in Danish, but they have begun their destruction of a great piece of history....

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    Default Demolition of German bunkers in Denmark begins.

    I presume that this is old news by now, but having been in Jutland so many many times in my childhood to see these - and reading this makes me incredibly sad, angry and confused. I was tipped by a friend dealer in Wisconsin, did not believe what he was telling me. This is just an insane decision to me, these bunkers have never hurt anyone; alot of people go on daytrips from all over the country to see these bunkers. I think it is important to save these bunkers for the future.

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    People should just stay away from them! They are a piece of history and I would love to see them again and again. But some people just don't care at all about things like this its a shame makes me mad. Wish I could give them a piece of my mind!!

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    The area surrounding these bunkers is huge, km after km of sand and dunes and beachlife. They have never harmed nor hurt anybody that have gone near them. They just lay there quietly. I remember my first time inside one, dark walls with a musty smell and old writings on the walls. Such a pity.

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    They destroyed an base bunker of the SS division Prinz Eugen here in Zagreb last year. They destroy them, they could be used for something; maybe a club? It would be cool to have a bar in a bunker.
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    It's madness destroying these

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    I think a better idea would be to create a landmark or a museum to keep it safe. 120 bunkers may not be needed, but to destroy them all is madness.

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    Well they do still look sturdy and strong in the pictures so maybe they could move them to a museum or somewhere it won't affect anyone, good idea

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    I don´t think that will ever happen.

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    Probably not, but we can still hope!

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    These bunkers were designed to survive direct hits from capital ships using 15 inch guns or possibly even bigger. The difficulty and cost of tearing these down would run into tens of millions of British Pounds or Euro's never mind Krone, probably more, and there's around 120 to be demolished? We're not talking normal buildings here, they're hardened concrete shelters.

    It'll never happen, not all of them anyway, I betcha....
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