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of descendants...

Article about: i will do that, Phil! i'll get back to you after my trip. this will be a first for me and i'll let you know how it all goes.

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    Default of descendants...

    in the area here where i live, i have two families near me supposedly closely related to Third Reich personalities.

    one to Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel and one to Obergruppenfuehrer Felix Steiner.

    the other day, a son from the family that has told me in the past they are related to Steiner drops by for a visit and i surreptitiously snap a photo of him as we chat and later slap it side-by-side with a photo of the Obergruppenfuehrer.

    what do you guys think?

    photo (6).JPG


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    Doesn't look much like him to me. Even if he was related, I wouldn't think anybody would care.

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    well some might and some might not. myself, having studied genetics, i find it interesting.

    there are multiple traits across both faces that match. traits match independent of age difference so it's not a factor. for this to be true in a family across a couple of generations like this is pretty unusual.

    either way, i'm not sure a criterion exists here for postings being of interest to any particular individual or whomever cohort he might identify himself with in terms of interests.

    i suppose i wouldn't care either if there weren't the resemblance (that i see anyway), but it's there so i am.

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    Maybe if you photo shopped a baseball cap worn backwards on Steiner's head there might be something.
    The nose, eyes, earlobes and chin do not show the same traits as Steiner.
    Just my 2 centavos
    Semper Fi

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    to my eyes, the nose, philtrum dimple and philturm columns and eyes and eyebrows are really very similar. the chin is different. i could probably take an hundred other individuals and put them together and not come up with anything this close. of course there's about 40 years in age difference. so you'd have to imagine what this person will look like in 40 years. the other way to look at it is not from the perspective of how close one feels the two individuals resemble each other perhaps, but from the perspective of how far off any other individual would look and how long it might take to find a better match.

    what i'd like to do, and i think this would be a lot more interesting and something more along the lines of what Salzburg might appreciate, is ask the Rommel family members if they'd let me photograph the visor, tunic and other items they have. they don't really exactly appreciate it what they do have and once asked me if it had any value. i should have asked at the time, but did not. they live in Petaluma, California and carry the last name Rommel.

    AZPhil, are you a Marine? active duty or otherwise?

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    Once a Marine always a Marine!!!!
    I have served the Marine Corps since 1979. I currently work for the Marine Corps as a Civil Servant at MCAS Yuma.

    Semper Fi

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    well, i thank you for your long service. and i ask because next wednesday i have a young friend graduating Marine boot camp and i'm going to fly down there and miss my Thanksgiving over it but i couldn't be more proud of this guy, so monday i am out of here to spend the bulk of the week in San Diego.

    i spent a lot of time going into his departure telling the guy he could do it and indeed he has.

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    I would have to agree with you tempelhof that the two individuals are pretty close. Keep in mind that there are going to be some differences (such as the chin) and that Obergruppenfuehrer jr. Isn't going to be a clone.

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    ah, good. now we have a discussion... some opinions.

    things are slow here on the forum for me tonight. were there some items i knew anything about i could be busy at something useful.

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    Thanks Tempelhof. My son just went last week to see his friend Graduate from Marine Corps boot camp at MCRD San Diego. He was very impressed. Give your friend a Semper Fi Devil Dog from me!!!
    Semper Fi

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