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Detlev Niemann !!

Article about: It would appear that Detlev who is well known as one of the major Miltaria dealers in Germany over the last 25 years , famous for his Friday internet updates and price guides has ceased trad

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    I have had some nice items from him in the past and wish him well for the future.


    Me too Ade , have made a call to Germany and have found out the story !!
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    Hi Chaps, shame he's shut down. I was pretty new to the Friday updates; but had managed to buy some really nice & reasonably priced items, when I was quick enough that is!! I hope he returns at some stage, Cheers, Richard.

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    Thats what i liked about Detlev, not only were his items original but and as DUJAILAH states, reasonable, he was a gent to deal with, something rare in todays cut throat business !...... and even rarer now.

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    I just got that email. MaN I loved drooling over his catalog'S. He was one of the FEW trusted dealer.
    A sad day indeed!

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    Quote by ostlanddigger View Post
    another off top from me AND THIS IS NOT MY OPINION,BUT JUST FACT- some colectors in Latvia has Niemans certificates for fake badges.also Russia is flooded with Niemans certifikates wich say,s that badge is REAL,but actualy they are high level fakes.AND ONCE AGAIN THIS IS NOT MY OPINION-all you guy,s who are interesting for such facts please welcome to very respectable Russian colectors forums as: or and ask about that.there you will get all the answers and proofs.WITH ALL MY RESPECT TO YOU GUY,S-ostlanddigger

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    I know Detlev is an honorable man that has been the source of many fine items in the collections of advanced and novice collector alike.

    If anything good can come of his closing shop, perhaps this will spark a resurgence of actually reading books and researching history and construction particulars on an individual level instead of placing faith in a piece of paper that accompanies an item. A good example of why it is not a good practice to take for granted that something good will always be there to rely on for authentication without having to do the footwork...
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    Certificates from Detlev 1992-2000 were perceived as serious documents. Later, after several cases of sale of fakes known in Russia with certificates, they have ceased to be arguments for those people who is engaged in a collecting professionally. We have an opportunity to find differences in things, in fact we have an opportunity to compare such things with found on fighting places, it-best in world expertise.You agree with it?

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    No, he was from Hamburg.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    The first and only time I used him I bought a Infanterie Sturmabzeichen which later was confirmed as a bad fake

    It must have just been bad luck as I know he is very much respected. I wish him well

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    In all my years of collecting TR material,Detlev Niemann was by far one of the most arrogant,unprofessional and even childishly petulant dealers I ever had the misfortune to encounter. With his outrageous attitude I wouldn't have trusted buying a pebbled tunic button from him much less anything else of value. It's just my opinion,but I say good riddance-he won't be missed by Me. William

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