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Disgusting eBay seller

Article about: this is a really big lie. See it for yourself.

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    Default Disgusting eBay seller

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    It is possible that they simply aren't aware. It wasn't until recently that GP-5 filters were definitively found to contain asbestos. It's something that has only come to light within the last couple of years, if that. Before then, they were assumed to contain activated charcoal, and thus were considered safe. There are many who still consider this to be the case.

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    There is a chance that he is unaware but look, this screenshot shows a video which talks about the safety of the gp5 gas mak and it’s asbestos issue mentioning the reaserch in Finland and the Netherlands. Raul


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    Have you contacted the seller?
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    Not yet. Raul

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    Slightly off topic but showing these gassies just reminded me of a British psychological thriller "Dead man's shoes" and if anybody is familiar with the film you will notice Paddy Constantine's Shm 62 is devoid of the GP 5 filterdead-mans-shoes-3-400x225.jpg

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    Other issues are the laws the various countries have and enforce and their tolerance of all things Health and Safety. Often here we discuss firearms....which are mostly legal one side of the pond and not so the other side......and from personal experience the rules which apply to vehicle shows differ considerably from country to country.

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