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Do any of you like to wear parts of your collection?

Article about: im with dean on this one ,i wear my bw jacket when the weather dictates ,and i always try on new headgear when it arrives before i put them on the shelf apart from the rusting relics though0

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    Default Re: Do any of you like to wear parts of your collection?

    I wear my collection because i reenact. My current cot display in my room is all my reenacting gear. I try to veer away from reproductions, but repo service shoes are a necessity.

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    Default Re: Do any of you like to wear parts of your collection?

    Quote by Dean View Post
    Here's my two!
    Update- one is 119n ,new. The other is 119 from the 1970's +
    A great knife.
    Talk about an iconic design and it harking back to the finest of American knife design of yore.
    IMO no Bowie-style knife collection is complete without a 119, but thats just me.
    Many more modern and more radical knife shape designs have emerged in later decades, but the 119 is able to stand on its own and still offer good service for those using this quality knife.

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    Default Re: Do any of you like to wear parts of your collection?

    I like to wear my modern camo collection in the woods , if I can find my size . My favorite winter jacket is my German Boarder Guard parka , I also have a repro M-43 that I put original insignia on many years ago and have yet to remove . Also love my Soviet Marine belt and buckle , and Ushanka hat for winter .
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    I recently got this 1960's german wool tunic for only $24!- it is very warm and windproof! I usually wear this with a hoodie underneath and it is so great for the outdoor-especially outdoor shooting ranges. The only con about it is that there are no front pockets for pocketpool but, gloves will suffice...
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    I have a second world war set of us jump wings and the modern unit button that goes behind them for the 504 pir of the 82nd airborne pinned to one of my favorite red hats the plan had been to get a set of glider wings and put them on the other side of the hat

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    You are very lucky,i love Bourvil super actor.

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