... or is there someone who bring people with lets say the same vibrations together ?

Let me tell you a short story which happend last week.

I was on a short vacation with my beloved wife in Malaga (Spain). We where sitting outside
a Steak house enjoying the wine and I was smoking a zigarillo. An older couple was sitting next to us and
the man looked at me saying that he had his last Zigarette 6 month ago. Well we talked a little and
i told him that we are from austria, he looked at me and asked me if i am interested in WWII history ( i was like )
Now that was the keyswitch. To make it short, we stayed 2 days together become good friends, had a lot of fun and where talking only about the WWII.
Finally I have got an invitation to come over with my family to Puerto Rico where he is living in a villa.
And the best, i know a very advanced collector in Puerto Rico and i am now setting up a connection
between this 2 guys. Now is this only coincidence, i dont think so ....