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Do you display your Nazi flags?

Article about: I openly display my Nsdap in my war room along with banners , pennants and armbands. However, they are displayed alongside my Japanese flag, American flag and russian flag. My friends, famil

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Quote by CBH View Post
    I wouldn't want to use a black light on that ! LOL

    It is a difficult subject collecting " nazi stuff " for lack of a worse word . People today don't want to remember history , or even think about it for that matter . I find the rise of the nazi party an amazing time in history . Also a great cautionary title of what can happen to a country . It seems people try to blame Germans for what humans can do , like Germans are extra evil or something ! We are all the same and all capable of the same evil deeds , and maybe that what scares people about collecting TR . And in this political correct world in which we live , people don't what to think about the darker side of humanity . Come to think of it , they don't want to think at all !
    Cheers Chris
    Indeed it is frightning to see what people can do when power or a uniform is given to them.
    I am on different fora threating different things, when it comes to know to them that I am a TR collector the ethos freezes; time after time.
    I was even expled of a french button forum... :-( ..although I never speak about religion , politics or get personal, to me the master key to all fora.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Larry, I agree.
    I usually get laughed at for talking along the same lines as what you stated in a soceity brainwashed with the official version of history. When I state, that the 'educational' system for decades have erased a historical awareness of what really happened and what caused WWII, I often get stared at in bovine consternation.

    I remember being the only one in high school to object to the slanted history taught. Even in a socalled western 'democracy' nobody objected back in school or went against the 'party line' for fear of bad grades. A very real risk.

    "....What I dislike the most is the socialistic approach or controlling ones thoughts into thinking what is best for them. None of those should be held hostage to this warped following. In collecting TR militaria as I don want to go off trail .......none should feel that what they collect is wrong by the majority thinkers. These same thinkers are responsible for erasing History out of the mainstream society. Only study about certain ethnic groups,, and apologetics. Sickening IMO,, as what once was is no more. Schools dont teach the same subjects,, which are crucial for growth and understanding not just in ones own country but world wide......."
    Exactly. The 'you might not agree, but I know what is best for you, so we'll go ahead anyway' mentality is what I object to the most. It literally give me The Willies.
    There is a good deal of branwashing, trying to get people to conform and not least a whole lot of 'newspeak.'

    "THE THIRD REICH PERIOD IMO....has shaped the direction of our world and focus."
    Agreed. WWII, and by definition the TR, the untold horrors and suffering, the multitude of lives lost have caused the sad state of affairs seen today. Nampy-pampy, politicians acting for 'the greater good' no matter, what the citizens say etc etc. We might be (or have been) affluent, but at what cost?

    Sadly, sheeple accepts the line fed them from politicians in various countries.


    (Rant over).

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Quote by stuka f View Post
    Only in the bedroom!
    That bedspread!!

    Been single long?

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Quote by Scout View Post
    That bedspread!!

    Been single long?
    Very funny, are you sure your not Big Ned??

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    CBH is online now

    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Also don't forget that not that long ago , less than 60 years , you'd have gotten into more trouble for displaying the Soviet flag in the west , then any TR flag .

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Quote by sandgroper View Post
    Very funny, are you sure your not Big Ned??
    There is only one 'Big Ned.' The rest of us comedians are mere pale copies basking in his glory.

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    This has been a great thread to read... most enjoyable. Like many here, I have a series of flags, but display them all together as a group so there is a mix. Some of my friends are Jewish, to include having lost relatives in Auschwitz. They have seen my collection, and understand my historical aspect/interest versus any other approach to it. My friends and family likewise appreciate seeing items I find at times, and there has never been an issue about displaying any of them. I posted a few shots of the flags below...


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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    I do not have a flag, but I do have friends who display them prominently. Some people, myself included, realize that the swastika is an important, holy symbol to many, and to others a sign of good luck.

    Personally, I like playing with people's heads. Controversial and forbidden objects particularly delight me. If I had a flag, and the wall space, I would put it up there. (I did display swastika candlesticks and cups at one time, but none were from the Third Reich.)


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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    i have four flags and are all displayed in full size! These persons that allowed to see my collection are well trusted, so they know i love history and not ideology! And after a short dialogue they start asking questions about their originality and bla bla bla bla

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Quote by DougB View Post
    Seeing how the flagpole out front of my house was inappropriate I display my large SS flag found in Amsterdam and brought home by Major Feather VIII Recce behind my DeTolf cases, it makes for a subtle but classy look not dominating the room. I will post a couple of pics up to show what I mean. My other national flags are folded up displayed with various other militaria. They serve to tone the room down and not present it as a "Nazi Shrine".
    Thats cool! Where did it come from? the Waffen SS recruiting station in Amsterdam?
    I would like to see the pics

    The SS flag from the notorious SD headquarters in my city also survived the war, unfortunately it is hidden in a museum storage room and not on display.
    I think it would be better if I had it in my collection

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