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Do you display your Nazi flags?

Article about: I openly display my Nsdap in my war room along with banners , pennants and armbands. However, they are displayed alongside my Japanese flag, American flag and russian flag. My friends, famil

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    Default Do you display your Nazi flags?

    I am new to collecting Third Reich items. I am a historian first and foremost and for me the feeling of owning and touching these items is remarkable.The concern I have, which is probably a concern many collectors also have, is do you display your Items prominently and how do you display it as a collection and not as a Neo-Nazi shrine? Do you display your NS flags and banners with the SS runes?

    Because their is a taboo to Nazi Items and what it represents. I'm curious if anyone has trouble explaining it to family and friends. Regardless of what they represented in the past they are still historical artifacts and in some cases, the items are quite remarkable in their design, materials and overall "look". I hate to use the word "cool"...but they are. The overall style of the Third Reich in its grand architecture, design of its uniforms and helmets. The use of the deaths head and occult symbology make for a stunning, overall style.

    I would buy and sell SS items but I will not openly display large items like flags or banners w/ the SS symbols or collect Holocaust or anti-Jewish Items. For me Its just bad Karma and represented the worst of humanity.

    I'm curious If anyone feels the same way I do.

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    hi zigzag, it depends WHERE you display them, to posess them in privat and display them in your private home is never any problem. but to buy, offer, sell and/or display them for any purpose in public is regulated by laws which are most strict in germany

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    I display my flag as a backdrop for my German collection, I have it in my house and everyone knows that I like history so they are never really offended by it, and if they are that is their own problem / ignorance . IMO

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    I have a swastika flag in my collection, but I keep it folded and although visible it doesn't dominate my display...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    one recent example of censorship and a blunt violation of constitutional rights:
    I once asked a simple question on Add Additional Details - Yahoo! Answers
    within 40 minutes it received 3 answers: 1. Odds are its fake 2. seller has the responsibility of documenting it's authenticity
    3. use Google or Yahoo search. Type in (Hitler autograph value) and you should get many links. I seen on for $30,000.
    the next day all was deleted, accompanied by a strange message from yahoo:
    "Hello Harold, The question on Yahoo! Answers was reported and deleted by one or more trusted members of the Answers community:
    "hitler autograph, how much?" This question has been removed and 10 points have been deducted from your account.
    You may not have realized this, but all questions submitted on Yahoo! Answers must comply with the Answers Community Guidelines..."
    yahoo seems to like and encourage anonymous denunciation more than the constitution and simple serious questions

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Display what you enjoy looking at, it is your collection.

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    Harold...WOW the loss of 10 points??? What next? Forget yahoo and their liberal thinking. These people are in their own group of back slappers and are dominated by the style council of the politically correct. Those "trusted members" would not last a day here as we talk about hobby related militaria pertinent to history...WITH NO CENSURE...unless it treads off course and becomes unrelated to the hobby or has religious or political overtones. But this topic should be for the discussion area and focus more so on the display techniques or placement of the flag itself. So it would be best to stay on topic as this thread should not detract from the title...but your thoughts on censure would be best suited in the discussion forum as long as it remains within the guidelines of the WRF. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    I do not have T.R. flag, but if I did I would display it in my war room or as part of my collection. I collect to own a piece of history.

    enjoy yourself and welcome to the forum

    regards Paul

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    I had a really nice D.J. Fahnlienfahne once. They are pretty decent sized flags, with a huge Sigrune in the center of them. I sold it off as I did not really have room to display it. My insignia collection now just resides in a huge gun safe, with hopes of having a room to display it in someday. It will be in a private section of my home if it comes to be. One note is that U.V. light, dust, and insects are but some of the things that can cause damage to cloth items so these must be considered when making the decision of how and where to display them.

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    Default Re: Do you display your Nazi flags?

    I have two flags. One is a building banner which just doesn't fit anywhere at the moment. Ten other is a smaller flag that I use on a shelf in my case as a backing for my miscellaneous items. In your house display it where you like.

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