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does the price tag on an item bother you?

Article about: Many thanks guys for your input......I think the route of my issues lies with starting out way to late in life.when i hear stories of members collecting for 30 years or so and what prices th

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    Default does the price tag on an item bother you?

    I would like some feedback from some of the members here with regards to when they purchase an item whether the price tag is an issue or you just shrug it off and say oh well its only money or does it leave a nasty taste in your mouth,it is borderline obsession with "I MUST HAVE IT"regardless of the it easy to just walk away and wait for the next find.......the reason I ask is im about to purchase a helmet that may not be as expensive as some helmets but for me its way above the sort of money I have ever spent,Im between "I really want this and that money could be used elsewhere.....thanks for your input guys.............Jake.

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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    Here how I do it.
    I look around to see what they go for on the collectors market not dealer market.
    I put in my head a price I want to spend for .
    First if the seller does not want to work with me I am gone no question.
    If he wants to deal ,we go for it.
    But remember you make the final OK.If the price is not right walk away.

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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    It depends what we're talking about Jake.

    If it's too expensive I won't buy it!

    There are exceptions to every rule however.

    For example, if I was looking to purchase a common and easily found piece for my collection I will shop around until I find the piece that I like and am happy with the price.

    If I am looking for a rare piece that doesn't come to market very often and the chances of finding one are slim, I will take what I can get even if it does come at a price. Those are the 'must have' items - at least from my point of view.
    Of course, it's 'different folks, different strokes' as the saying goes. What I pay hundreds for, another member wouldn't because they don't see the interest or fascination in the same way I do and vice versa.

    I do have a limit however. I once turned down an EK2 marked L/12 for Juncker. Quite rare and very desireable. The seller wanted 500 which was waaaaay too much for an EK2 in my opinion albeit with a rare mark. Another collector thought it was acceptable and paid the money.

    Do I regret it?

    Not one bit.

    With regards to your question above and the helmet, it's entirely up to you. No-one here can tell you how to spend your money. If you're comfortable spending more than usual, then it's fine. As long as you're happy. If, you have a nagging doubt that you are going to stretch yourself and you feel uncomfortable spending that money, then your instinct is telling you to have a word with yourself.
    Do you need the helmet? Can you find another? Can you find another that is cheaper?

    It's up to you at the end of the day my friend........

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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    Hi Jake, I've just gone through pretty much the same dilemma myself and have left it to the fates! If the guy gets back to me regarding some questions I've asked I may take it further but so far he has not.

    I am usually driven by what I regard as a bargain which makes my collecting pretty eclectic and not just confined to militaria. Also I take into consideration whether I would lose money on an item if my world collapsed and I'd have to start selling things off. Any chance of sharing a pic of the helmet you are considering buying out of interest? I understand if you'd prefer not to at this delicate time though!



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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    I agree with Adrian, shop around but If I see a scarce piece there is usually no time to shop so I will usually buy

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    all the above are great answers, im a small time older collector,thus money at my age is an issue,i have had very good deals with my friend tiger/carl here for items from prague. other purchases ive bought on the german ebay,ie feild post letters and have also been very happy. i think as said above one has to have an idea of price and stick to your guns,very hard sometimes i admit,but i beleive its the answer for myself at least,regards from george

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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    I've always tended towards the same view Adrian spoke of. Common items have a common price. If someone has one for an Uncommon and high price, they can keep it. For Rare and Unique's not so clear. It depends on the item and just How unique or rare that it is. If it is something that I Know I will quite likely never see for sale again in my lifetime, then a decision has to be made. Some things come up Very seldom-if Ever. So, when, say, an advanced collector dies and they are selling off his collection, Then it is time to perk up and take a deep breath and decide: "How bad do I want this? How Long have I wanted one? Will I Ever see another one for sale again?" There was a day that I would actually take out a loan on my house to acquire rare and singular items for my collection. I know that back in the day, I searched for a Diamonds Ritter and would Definitely have paid an absurd price for one if I had ever been able to locate one for sale-and I never Was. But, of course, on the other side of it, you can't actually Damage yourself and your Family spending huge money for something that is just for all sakes and purposes forever unattainable for you. Every collector has to have Some sort of Limits. You always have to figure that Some things are just for the Rich and that's that. There will Always be Someone with more money than you-regardless.

    So, yes, horrendous prices are not Always an impediment. But it all depends on the Item itself. If it Is one of those once in a lifetime and unique pieces-Yes, you Will regret not going for it and will kick yourself forever afterwards. Especially if you someday See it again in someone Else's collection! Common every day badges, hats and stuff? Not so much....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    Yes, I am a student, with a apprentice's wage, so I shop very carefully, always looking for a bargain. Though, I do sometimes spurge out and buy something just because I must have it.

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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    I agree with all the above. However at time i might really take to a helmet and will pay more than i normally would. I think an item has a fixed price but the value of it varies from person to person.

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    Default Re: does the price tag on an item bother you?

    A lot of items, especially helmets, come down to maker, model, rarity, how desirable is the helmet, condition, branch of service, condition of decals, how complete is it, does it have a chin strap, etc etc etc. picture would be preferable to give you an idea if the price is right. Some helmets command a higher price, and you have to be comfortable in what you pay, and know your own personal limits. I have paid a couple thousand for a helmet I really wanted that ticked all the right boxes and was coming from a well respected collection. Someone else might think that's ludicrous, which is perfectly fine. I paid the bill, not them. Like Adrian said, sometimes a hefty price must be paid for a rare item. Adrian was not prepared to pay that price, but someone else was. Depends on how bad you want it. The ultimate decision is yours to make. Good luck!

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