Hi Guys, i went to Duxford Imperial war Museum yesterday, its been ages since i first went there, the exhibits are very well done, but the main reason to go was the Airborne Museum, to be totally honest , it was far less than expected, the displays are reasonably good but they are far fewer than when the museum was at Aldershot, another point was that all the exhibits were poorly lit, almost dark in places, when we asked about this ,one of the staff stated that it has been decided that bulbs are to be removed as the cost of lighting was 700 daily, this resulted in displays that cannot be viewed properly which , for the cost of entry, 17 per person, was disappointing. Other exhibits , such as the Land War was also poorly lit, almost a twilight in places.In one section, depicting Montgomerys vehicles and other pieces , there was a display of a Normandy camo German Helmet, the description read as follows "This 1936 camo helmet was brought back from the Normandy beaches" Well you can imagine my surprise when i saw this, especially as the Helmet was an M40, i spoke to one of the staff there, a real miserable sod, i asked if he worked in this section as there was something wrong in this display, stating that there was no such designated helmet as 1936, his response, "Well if you want to complain write on the comments as you leave, i,m sure they will take notice of you" he turned his back and walked away, so i did , whether anything will be done is anyones guess, but for a museum as well respected as this, i would at least expect that a description of an item was correct, let alone a member of its staff to be more courteous, all in all, i considered that the prices of everything there was extortionate, a 1/72 Airfix model of a Heinkel, 17, a wooden model of a Spitfire 250, a Commando comic 6.99. The same staff member we spoke to about the Airborne museum also stated that the whole area was far too small and did,nt do justice to the Airborne Forces, My friend , who was in 3 Para was wholly disappointed in this display, apart from these two areas ,the aircraft displays were very good