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Early or late WWII items?

Article about: I prefer the earlier items, not to say I won't buy later items though! I like the wear they usually show and prefer things to show some age. I started collecting knowing that I was holding s

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    Well I like them used with a been there done that kind of look and im not bothered if it is early, middle or late so long as it is original (and ask yourself which ones do you prefer as it is usually for the asker to say not the answerer)

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    I don't mind if an item is produced pre, mid or later war as long as its original, each item has a different story to tell and lets your imagination run wild. Minty items are nice but personally I prefer an item that has been used in the field e.g. I would rather buy a buckle that has been worn on a solders belt instead of one that has been in storage.

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    Early if possible. On blades condition matters I want the best I can buy that goes for medals also. On helmets I like combat used. Oh and guns best condition possible and matching. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    While I appreciate mint and pristine examples, my personal taste is towards period worn items with that "been there" look. Items with preserved provenance or that can be researched are of particular interest to me, period of manufacture does not matter as long as it is period correct.

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    So it depends on the items that you collect right?
    Medal and edged weapon collectors like mint items while field gear collectors like been there items?

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    If I fancy the item I don't care take it as it comes.

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    I like my German flags in good clean condition, while I prefer Japanese flags that are battleworn...
    There's no rule to this game, although medals in good condition maintain their value more than worn pieces...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Which war?


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    It depends on the item; some late-war pieces are quite nice, while others are a bit less attractive than their earlier counterparts. My main interest is Party badges, and my favorite are the earliest pieces made before 1933. I really like the late-war zinc cap insignia, though.

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    As a focused collector (H.J. Shoulder Straps and Boards) I like related items from all periods. I prefer used or uniform removed items but will consider anything that falls within my area of interest. After a collection becomes larger in scale, it seems that "difficult" or "scarce" items are more desired to advance the collection rather than items from a certain time period for me.

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