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Early or late WWII items?

Article about: I prefer the earlier items, not to say I won't buy later items though! I like the wear they usually show and prefer things to show some age. I started collecting knowing that I was holding s

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    A very interesting discussion with a wide point of view.

    I have collected items from WWI ~ Modern.

    However my main focus is U.S. (WWI, WWII), and Japan (WWII). Basically my feelings: originality, conditions, and the *price. *: Personally don't really like judging with money, but that's part of the rule.


    It's the first ever World War, when everything started to change and evolve rapidly. Anything from gears to weaponry. Some of their traits were still found on modern equipments, for 100 years ---a Century !!


    The second World War and the most dramatic, catastrophic period of the history of mankind. Many great designs quality changes.

    Too me, I like both mint and used conditions. Early or late doesn't matter.

    Mint - How it is like not being used. Tells me the original color, shape, descriptions (labels), and the workmanship.

    Used condition - Being used at the actual battle. If name is on even better. The level of wear, color, shape change, damage.

    For U.S. field gears, some early war items have late war color (OD 7), some late war produced materials have early war color (OD 3), some have both colors (pattern 1943)

    Let say there are two identical objects, made by the same company, same year ,however the color, shape, materials are different from each other.

    So that tells me there are exceptions.


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    i find that i really don't care if an item is "late war, early war, or middle war" if i find an item that i like and fits my current mood i'll buy it if it's a good price.

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    I personally have never been a big late war type. I like mint items, but my comparatively tiny budget prevents me from having any of those (its a wonder I have anything at all). I definitely like slightly worn stuff too (except in the case of medals, but once again, money), I just like how it shows its age. I have never been a big ground dug person though, something about it just turns me off.

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    I have always like the prewar political items. Condition has also always been an issue with me as I prefer items in pristeen condition. To each his own of course.


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    I collect anything that piques my interest irrespective of condition or timeframe without adhering to any rigid constraints...apart from my finances at the time of discovering a new piece of interest
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Seeing as this was a question about the ww2 period I did not include my interest for pre-war political items and I only tried to determine what I gravitated towards without really thinking abut it within the context of the topic at hand---

    So, in the case of NSDAP items, the earlier the better... enamels especially. But, again, anything goes as long as it piques my interest

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