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eBay Police

Article about: I totally agree on what has been said about the policies of ebay: it will be futile to try and make any sense of why the pull an auction down or not. I have had some auctions of cigarette pi

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    That is why on eBay, we have to list SS items, with the letters XX, and SA items with the letters XA, and also when we list WW2 German Items, we have to some times list them as WWii German items.

    Yes i have had items removed, and i do think it was somebody that did not like the competition.

    Its a shame as if we were allowed to openly sell WW2 German items on eBay, that could open up a another world of selling on there.

    I understand when they say, that they don't want to offend any one that lives in France, and the NO-SWASTIKA law in Germany, but as long you paint out any banned, or offensive items, then there should be no problems at all.

    Ebay does allow currency, and coins, and that's it, and you don't have to mark out any offensive , or evil insignias on them.

    That makes no sense at all.


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    It isn't just militaria. I used to sell ancient coins on Ebay and my ads would be pulled for ridiculous reasons. I would be told that my ad was pulled because it was gambling, a copy of another ad, and so on. Forget calling and talking to someone because they'll tell you that they weren't the one who pulled it and have no more information than I do and remind me that I would not be charged for any pulled ad.

    The charge that my ad was a copy got me thinking. Why would Ebay pull ads, especially when they make money? How could they conclude that my ad was a copy? They would have to compare my ad to every other ad and that would require a pretty sophisticated organization. I started looking elsewhere.

    Since several of us were selling similar items I wondered if the competition was reporting me. I know this isn't very nice but I had to try it any way. I posted an ad and then went and reported the other sellers as having copied me. Guess what, their ads got pulled. When their ads reappeared a couple days later, mine was pulled for being a copy. Bingo, the correlation was too strong to think Ebay was the culprit.

    I became pretty certain that Ebay pull ads if there is a complaint. Today, with so many politically correct people, I wouldn't be surprised if a fraction of a percent spent their time on Ebay reporting purveyors of "evil".

    Hopefully this helps!


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    What REALLY chapped my hide was their crazy decision to no longer allow listing of inert ordinance which pretty much closed down my hobby of collecting German 8.8cm ordinance.

    I lucked out as I had just listed a rare original-paint 8.8cm projectal from a U-Boot that was in almost perfect condition. A guy saw it, e-bay pulled the listing and the buyer bought later with no ebay fees... and I felt not one bit guilty. I still don't understand that one... although I did once buy a AZ23 fuse on ebay from a French collector that turned out to be live...

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    Default Re: eBay Police... don't police themselves

    eBay may police us... but they do a pretty poor job of policing themsleves... anyone ever bought any counterfit merchandise listed on eBay?

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    Default Re: eBay Police

    most of them had their items kicked off , got mad and want all the rest kicked

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    If anyone collects daggers or German knives, I have noticed a few people getting round the anti knife rules by listing their item as a paper opener! Hope this helps collectors. Well UK collectors.

    People report others out of spite, because of a grudge that their item has been kicked off or because they are a military dealer wanting a monopoly on getting their own items through the net.

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