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Ebay Targeting?

Article about: Well Sunday I tried listing my M72 on Ebay and I ran into a bit of a dilemma. About after 30 min of listing it, I get a call from Ebay saying that they are going to remove my listing because

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    Quote by stuka f View Post
    That is how it works!
    I don't feel like doing theyre job too!
    But you'll be amazed how much people are, and just doing thise to spend theyre time.....
    Damn, if only they had a life

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    I'm sure people flag items and make eBay aware just to make their own selves feel important. Anything to keep from offending people. It offends me that THEY are offended. I'm going to start flagging rap CDs in the music section that contain lyrics offensive to me as a Caucasian. Lets just all go on a flagging campaign for everything on eBay and see what effect that has. Bunch of whiney a$$ liberal female dogs. Yes, eBay strikes a nerve with me

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    Quote by helmetone View Post
    Lets just all go on a flagging campaign for everything on eBay and see what effect that has. Bunch of whiney a$$ liberal female dogs. Yes, eBay strikes a nerve with me
    We should all make a very large point.

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    Don't get me started on eBay! I am tired of their inconsistent policies (I too have suffered similar experiences of having things removed for no good reason). As a seller it is also frustrating when 99.999% of the time eBay sides with the buyer over disputes, that usually result from the buyer getting the item and deciding they don't actually want it and moaning for a refund, although the item was as described. I wish there was an alternative outlet for things, but unfortunately in Britain, it seems eBay has the market cornered

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    I know this may sound absurd but maybe we should try to start something.

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    While I am interested to hear what you suggest, I personally believe that all attempts to reason with eBay is futile (I have tried many, many times over various issues). Their policies have just got too contradictory and it is becoming more like a try before you buy service with people sending things back and getting automatic refunds on flimsy claims.

    I remember when eBay used to be cool. Even saw a couple of deact machine guns on there....... many years ago though

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    Well there's always the petition option. I mean there are a large number of people on this fourm. Lets say we write up a petition that is damn near perfect, and we make it public on this forum and other people spread it to other forums, any forums. We could have a chance if there are enough signers. That maybe sound crazy but it just might have a chance. If that wouldn't work we could get as many people as possible and just have mass flagging sessions on item that we feel "offended" by. I'd be open to any possible ideas.

    I know all this sounds like a crazy plot, but I'm just spitballing right now. I would like to make a point.

    P.S. I too remember seeing deacts also

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    At one time, eBay used to sell virtually Anything on their site, but now? All sorts of absurd rules and regulations-most of them made up and enforced solely by themselves. Such things as not allowing 1st Class Religious Relics, as they are considered the same as selling Body parts. A crumb of 800 year old bone the size of a dust mote is the same as a Kidney?? Aging WWII Veterans being unable to list the souvenirs that they Personally liberated and brought home because they might *gasp!* contain a Swastika. I realize that there Are countries that do not allow swastika material, but can't they be sold to Other countries then? Even the Image of a swastika is forbidden? Somehow, I cannot imagine a 92 year old Auschwitz survivor sitting on their computer and surfing through things and suddenly being horrified and shrieking in terror at the accidental clicking on of an item with a swastika on it. Even a silly joke item like as Hitler's butt pincushions.....I think we should be able to give the people Some credit for having a brain. What has happened to common sense? Of late, I've noticed that empty artillery shell cases have been being pulled-will this eventually include the WWI trench art vases, I wonder? And why is it that WWII Japanese items are allowed? I'm sure that anyone from Bataan or Corrigador would heartily disagree. Ridiculous things like 1954 Jim Beam decanters being pulled off because they are still sealed with contents-under the notion that somewhere there are underage children who will send for a $200 dollar decanter and open it and drink the thick as mud booze in it. Gun parts? Nothing is allowed-even WWII magazines and clips. Will this lead to holsters and slings and scopes being banned? And, to top it all off, with eBay fees and PayPal fees(which is Owned by eBay, of course) a person ends up losing 1/3 of their total sales dollars to them. So nice that they compensate this outrage by imposing more and more of these asinine Draconian rules on their customers....Thanks again, eBay. Glad now that we all helped make you so rich....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    We should honestly try to do something about it. Another thing that could be done is list buy it now items that are restricted, but have a predetermined buyer that you already have a settled price with and a set time that it will be listed at, so that the listing can be sold before it's ever taken down.

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    Default Re: Ebay Targeting?

    Thats Ebay!!!!

    The same company who will ALWAYS side w/ the buyer on any case. You can be a power seller who pays $10,000 a week in fee's. and if 1 person who has bought 3 items ever, has a problem, they will side with the buyer. It doesn't matter if you are 100% right and have documentation and emails proving your case, Ebay will refund their money and screw you. Guaranteed.

    I sold an Xbox. The buyer got it, he ended up taking parts from my Xbox, replaced them w/ broken pieces he had and then claimed it was damaged in shipping. Even though my pictures in the listing showed the Xbox tamper sticker was still their and not broken, and the one I got back was missing and the Serial number didnt match....they still refunded his money and screwed me. They do what they want and you cant do a thing. Thats why they bought Paypal. At least Paypal gave you an option to refuse a refund. Now your screwed.

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