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Article about: My deep sympathies at your great and painful loss.

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    Sorry to read about your loss of Emily!
    I understand your grieve.
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    Todd: So sorry to hear about your loss. Emily is a beautiful dog! I have three, a mini doxie too, and I dread this day.


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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    It's a horrible time Todd and I am sorry for your loss. I too lost one of my dogs a couple of weeks a go. I had to have her put to sleep at just under ten years of age. I feel absolutely awful for doing it but I had no choice in the end. Her name was Holly.
    Adrian: I'm very sorry to hear about Holly.


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    Todd, you have my deepest sympathy. This past Feb. I lost my Baby girl "Boo Boo" had been with the family almost 17 years. She had seen my kids grow from their earliest teens till they reached their 30's. She was part of the family just as Emily was a part of yours. It's hard to lose a family member.

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    I have had dogs in my life since the day I was born. Both of my parents were blind and had guide dogs. I have had many dogs in my life and each, like us humans, had it's own distinct personality. Recently, we had three dogs and lost all of them within eight months. I know and understand the feeling of emptiness you are feeling. You can never replace Emily but you certainly can find a new companion to share life's experiences with. My wife and I were without a dog for only two days.


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    how awful for you,i feel your hurt at this time, Maragret and i lost our cherished chocolate lab last september, almost a year has gone by and we still talk of him daily. for a week i awoke and went down stairs to feed him, silly me i thought,wept a little and went back to bed for a short time. time will heal,sad times indeed. regards from george

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    My sympathies Todd. Dogs and family pets are part of our families. They show unconditional love and each time they see us it's like a new best day for them. Sorry for your loss my friend,

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    Todd and Adrian,
    I know it is a bit simplistic, but when I experience such a sad event as you and you loved ones are now experiencing.....I take solace in the words of Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr Suess) "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.".........the meaning being, that you were able to experience the joy of sharing part of your life with such a Loyal and loving friend........and you were both better for it!
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    Emily lived the life that All dogs should have. She passed at peace and with no trauma or alarm and surrounded in the company of her life long friends and family. Be glad for her wonderful life that she shared with you and that she did not have to suffer the pain and indignities of a terrible end.

    And I commiserate your loss as well, Adrian. I, too, had a wonderful Springer Spaniel that we lost after a good long 12 years. Until my final day, I will always remember her and miss my old friend. She was born on Christmas day so many long years ago now and she had that magic "love everybody" temperament that all Springers seem to possess. Losing long time companions such as these are, indeed, as losing a family member, as that is exactly what they are. A tragedy that their lives have to be so short, but they live those years to the fullest possible and they give them All to us. It is comforting to think that when our days finally come to a close here that our old friends will be there waiting for us to rejoin them, and all the tails will be wagging again..

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    the dog i have now is the first dog i've ever had. i always imagined that i wasn't a dog person.

    but they work their way into your heart and over the past three years i have learned how wrong i was. the person i was that didn't want the hair on my clothing or furniture... i can't even remember who that person was anymore. and i don't miss him. a dog is a very special and powerful thing in your life.

    i read with such great sadness for your loss that it is hard to post. but i must to express my great sympathies such as they are.

    remember your friends by recalling what they have taught you.

    i am sorry for your loss.

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