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Article about: My deep sympathies at your great and painful loss.

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    Default Emily

    While not militaria related, I ask the moderators to allow me to share with you the sweetest canine I ever knew. I met my wife in 2004 through her sister, with whom I had been friends for a few years. Both sisters still lived with their mom and dad. Growing up my parents never allowed me or my brothers to have a dog, so I didn't know first hand why they are "mans best friends." I do now. The first time I went to my now wife's house I was greeted at the door by a bark, and wet nudge, a wet "kiss" and a wagging stump of a tail and her name was Emily. Emily became my first dog. Emily loved to chase her ball and rabbits through the yard, but the rabbits always won by slipping into their hole under the shed before she could catch up. Emily got a new friend when we bought our own dog Maggie, a miniature daschund, who thought she was as big as Emiy. They were best buds. Emily was into her later years when our daughter, Katelyn, arrived April 2011. Emily took to Kayelyn like a champ. She allowed Katelyn to chase her, jump on her, grab her tail and even give her hugs without ever once letting out even the slightest of growls. For as intimidating as Emily could look, she didn't have a mean bone in her body. Emily's true best friend was her "mom," my mother in law. Where mom went, Emily followed. From what the veterinarian told us, Emily was the last surviving pup from her litter, and she had been the runt! Yesterday, August 23, at the ripe age of 11 years and 3 months, Emily laid down on the family room floor with her "mom" and best friend, took two deep breaths and quietly passed away. She will be greatly missed but forever in our hearts. Thank you, Emily, for teaching me why you, and your fellow canines, are, "mans best friend."

    Emily (2002-2013)

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    My sympathies to you and your family..11 yrs old is still quite young. I am glad you were able to enjoy the time you had with her over those years. Regards Larry
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    Wow Todd, this is truly touching. I believe These incredible creatures have souls and intelligence. They are remarkable and can understand us when others cannot. Thanks for posting this in memory of Emily.

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    Please accept my deepest sympathies on your loss. Since the age of 9 I have always been privileged to have at least one dog in my life, to lose one is like loosing a family member. You just have to remember the good times.

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    Hi, a beautiful companion and a great life she had.
    When they leave us, the pain unbearable. My older one( Bernie, a Portuguese Perdigueiro ) past away earlier this year and we suffered a lot.
    Im sorry about your loss and i know what you feel. You must keep her in your heart.
    Be strong

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    I'm sorry for your loss Todd. I couldn't imagine losing one of my dogs.

    RIP Emily.


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    I'm very sorry for the loss of your pet and friend, it really annoys me when people regard them as "just an animal", they are a family member!...
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    Todd , i fully relate to your story and feel for you having lost ours just before Christmas last year ! As Gunny said they are more than just an " animal " ! What else greets you with everything they have no matter what your mood and always raise you to a better emotional level !! Thanks for sharing your feelings , all your memories will be fond ones !

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    It's a horrible time Todd and I am sorry for your loss. I too lost one of my dogs a couple of weeks a go. I had to have her put to sleep at just under ten years of age. I feel absolutely awful for doing it but I had no choice in the end. Her name was Holly.
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    Sorry for your loss Todd. May Emily rest in peace, where all good dogs go...
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