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Enquiry on ww2

Article about: Perhaps people once said the exact same thing about the Boer war? The war of 1870? The Napoleon wars? Or in my country the war of 1848-50 and 1864? or even Caesars conquest of Gaul? Time pas

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    Default Enquiry on ww2


    Today, i have began making enquirys about ww2 history.
    Mostly to young students but also to random people that i find on the street.

    Its an 8 question trivia, with basic true or false questions.

    Most people do not know who Neville Chamberlain was, the reasons about Japan`s attack on Pearl Harbor. But the most troubling answers i had, were about Anne Frank.
    Several people replyed that Anne Frank survived the Holocaust!!!!!!!!

    I will continue making the trivia over next month.


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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2

    I believe Anne Frank is often mistaken for another Dutch girl, Corrie Ten Boom, who went through a similar ordeal as a girl but survived...
    cheers, Glenn
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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2

    As I usualy say, WWII was long time ago and people are not interested anymore! Sadly they just don't care about it (or about History...) Each year that goes by fewer people care. For us who enjoy and are interested about this theme, it's sad. Maybe older generations should talk more about this (and other events) to the younger ones (or the WWII events will be just a far far away thing to them...)

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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2

    Sadly with the passing of generations these memories fade! I watched the HBO documentary film White light Black rain (highly recommend seeing it). On the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing they interviewed random teenagers on the street and asked if they knew of national significance of the day? Shockingly those they showed did not! Understanding it s not something worth celebrating but still I was shocked. They also sighted some crazy statistic that something like 70% (if memory serves) of Japans population was born post '45.

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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2

    Sad and disgusting really,
    I remember reading someplace a story of a woman who was a concentration camp survivor who had been tattooed,
    She was having a medical exam or something along those lines and the doctor didn't understand the tattoo, when she explained she was a survivor he said something along the lines of what's the holocaust?

    It makes me think what people learn in history class in school these days.
    Im looking for an a case to an 1936 olympics medal and a case to entry to austria medal. pm me If you have any spare.

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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2


    Sadly, it seems the case. History is being completely forgotten.
    Since i am doing this alone, it will take time to reach my goal.
    So far, 30 people have been asked to take the enquiry. 100% fail to know Neville Chamberlain, 50% fail to know Japan`s Allies during the war. I still have to calculate the remaining percentage of the 30 "tests".

    Im hoping to reach 250 people, at least.


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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2

    Good luck with your endeavor it s a great idea! Best regards!

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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2

    History being forgotten?? can thank the present day society of weak minded people and teachers who all lean to the left. Im trying to bite my tongue.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2

    I m dying to know what you d say with the gloves off Larry? You do have the je ne sais quois sense of humor I enjoy! And I could use a pick me up. But think of the generations of young Americans who's limited knowledge/exposure to the TR and WW2 history that comes from episodes of Family Guy?? Scarry RIGHT, Something tells me I'm never gonna see a social security check!

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    Default Re: Enquiry on ww2

    One of the greatest flaws in human nature is the majority of us tend to forget the lessons of the past and have to relearn them every few generations or so.
    Good work mate.

    All the best

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