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Exercise caution with this Ebay seller

Article about: I'd like to highlight a few suspect items from an Ebay seller. The person concerned has been discussed on here before: They not really b

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    Default Exercise caution with this Ebay seller

    I'd like to highlight a few suspect items from an Ebay seller.

    The person concerned has been discussed on here before:

    They not really bad, not really expensive, and the main thing, NOT definitely fake, but just a little thought provoking.

    firstly: WW2 RAF AIRMANS Shirt 1944 original collarless unused. Rare. | eBay

    Now it appears to be a type opening all the way down, but generally speaking they were post-war and wartime were the over the head type. Now, look at the close up of the stamp inside the collar. The date part is a lot bolder than the rest, and it is also blurry. As I write this, it's up to 55.00, which is at least double it's value if that date is fake.

    secondly: WW1 RFC OBSERVERS TUNIC Original 1918. | eBay

    It is old, and it is Cavalry pattern. I was initially concerned by the use of "Esq." as that seems to be mainly used for TA officers, but of course it could still easily all be fine. But take a good look at the close-up of the label. All the script has a shadow, as if it has been over-written. So if it has been over-written, then the date could well have been altered too. Could well be legit, but the "1918" looks messy to me.

    Thirdly: WW2 PAIR NAVAL TELEPHONES,Portable in Metal cases. | eBay

    I'm probably nit-picking here, but check out the close up of the label. "194" is easily visible, but not the last digit which has been worn away. But, hang on, the top of the plate is shiny with recent wear, as is the right hand rivet. Coincidence, or sand paper?

    The chap has 100% positive feedback from a great many satisfied customers, he also has some very nice interesting things for sale, many obviously genuine, but when you know of dodgy practises in the past, you do wonder and start to look more closely don't you? Maybe he has changed his ways, or maybe just got better at it. I do notice he seldom has anything that isn't nicely marked up inside with a stamp, a date, or a name and service number. I find that most things I find do not seem to have them...


    Firstly they are not ATS gaiters but are of a type mainly given to the Home Guard. Still perfectly feasible I grant you. Look at the wear on them... now look at the lack of wear to the name and number...

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    I would concur.....
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    This seller has been mentioned by me previously and is well known among collectors for enhancing some of his items. He does sell a lot of good and untouched items but has, as you mention, a few that have obviously been pimped to increase their value IMHO.

    My new British Pith helmet

    This item has also been enhanced IMO, as it is far more likely to be circa WWI for the Royal Field Artillery, but has had the paper insert and the razor added to increase its value as the V1 connection would help sell what is otherwise a 5 brass box.

    WW2/1930's ROYAL FLEET AUXILLIARY ITEM ,CIVILIAN Killed London 1944 V-1 Raid. | eBay


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Hi , looking at that RFC tunic made me think why on earth would the original owner write the date in it? I know that when I wrote in my old service uniform I only needed to put name/rank and number on the label. Seems odd to me that he dated it this way without mentioning his rank(or did he just want to make sure that he did not forget what year it was)!! Leon.
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    Hello Leon, It's a tailors label and would have been marked with the order number, the date, and the name of the customer.

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    Quote by Unionjack View Post
    Hello Leon, It's a tailors label and would have been marked with the order number, the date, and the name of the customer.
    And sometimes the unit he was with.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I did something today that I haven't done in quite a long time, and that was do a casual search through eBay's militaria listings. The single category I chose to look through had nearly 6,000 items for sale. Page after page after page...item after item after item...and all I could do is sit there and think "Fake...Garbage...never existed....fake..fake..fake..". I was frankly stunned by the endless parade of pure crude fantasy rubbish being offered and being Bid on and Selling. This item=17 bids at $499...that item=11 bids $249...and so it went. On and on with seemingly no end in sight. Oh sure, I realize that there are Tons of Good and Genuine pieces being sold there Also, but the sheer Magnitude and Number of the outright Crap was staggering. Take a look, for example, at just One seller-picked at random-up in Canada, under the name of "german.war.collectibles". The stock of pure unadulterated worthless Junk is beyond belief. And it is Selling. Somewhere down the road ahead, there will soon be waves of people bringing in "Dad's Collection" and hoping to cash it out, since they Know that he spent "Tons of Money" on his "rare stuff". some ways, I think I'm actually glad that I won't ever See it. The garbage of Today, being cranked out by the truckloads from the chuckling thieves in all 4 corners of the Planet will some day soon be tomorrow's Nightmares. It's even worse than the flood of Beanie Babies and Bradford Exchange least They were once Worth something. You can't say the same of This trash.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    A lot of Military Traders items are made by *** **** & CO.

    I find the "& CO." to be rarely seen on items elsewhere. Usually either just a name, or suffixed "Ltd.".

    For one thing "Co" is usually American, and the other it should be "Co." not "CO.".

    I hope he doesn't read this and change to "Ltd.". Although, if he does we'll know why!

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