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Fake central

Article about: Though his fake German para lid is cheaper than my repo German para lid with cover, which is a pain,lol

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    Though his fake German para lid is cheaper than my repo German para lid with cover, which is a pain,lol

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    Hello Troy
    I would definately report this shonk to Quicksales admin & see whether they will do anything about it. Hopefully it won't
    be like Ioffer, where it is easier to ban the person making the complaint than to ban the fraud selling the fakes.


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    Have just done so, a long note with a link to this thread. Hopefully someone will come here and read this and take action

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    Very disappointing Just received the reply from admin, it looks like a form reply. I'll bet nobody even bothered to look at this thread via the link I gave them. I suppose I can be grateful that I didn't get banned for daring to bring it to their attention.

    Thank you for raising your concerns with us.

    We work closely with many organisations such as: AFACT (Australian Federations against Copyright Theft), ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association), Nike, GHD, Tiffany & Co, Apple Inc and many others when we receive reports regarding alleged counterfeit items listed. We do require an authority expert to advise us of any breaches as we cannot be certain based on member reports alone. There are many factors to be considered prior to the removal of a reported listing, and unless the report has been received from the actual copyright owner, all care must be exercised to ensure that only those listings which are in breach are actually removed.

    When we receive a report from any company or individual or their authorised representative that holds intellectual property (IP) rights, the listing(s) will be promptly removed. The seller will receive an email outlining the reason for the removal such as: counterfeit item or copyright infringement. If the seller's details are requested by the company or individual or their authorised representative that holds intellectual property (IP) rights, they will be promptly provided in line with our Privacy Policy. The seller's account may also be suspended and any listing fees (if applicable) will not be refunded.

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    Hello Troy
    Very disappointing indeed. I was hoping that Quicksales would actually do something about this misrepresented crap
    being peddled on their site. Obviously when it boils down to it the scamsters selling this rubbish know that they can
    rort to their hearts content on these sites with little or no backlash. This seller is an out & out fraud who knows full
    well that his stuff is garbage. People like this are a cancer on genuine collecting.


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    Thats is quite disappointing. He can really get away with whatever he feels like with little to no chance of repercussions from Admin. As Brett said he knows full well what he is selling, just look at some of the descriptions (or lack there of in some cases) and the language he uses. That SS is a good example, he is saying it restored but is misleading saying its a restored SS lid. Some poor bloke is gonna come along and spend their buck on a pot that is worth no where near the money he is charging , and the seller will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Such a shame its the few that bring it down for the rest of us!


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    I've just been searching his ebay feedback, and he has sold three para helmets in two months for $800, $1035 and $1015. This is a departure from his previous history of selling repro documents, death cards and other cheap crappy items. Judging by his quicksales site, it looks like he's moving up in the scam world into high price fake helmets. I've contacted the three guys who bought the para helmets, and hopefully they'll get back to me. if they do, I'll ask them to post photos of them here, and see what other lid experts have to say. Even though he states no returns, if they all turn out to be fakes, two of the guys can get their money back, as they are Aussies, and under Australian law, sellers have to provide a refund policy. The other guy lives in Italy, so I'm not sure what will happen with him. Seeing the tripe he's selling on quicksales, I find it hard to believe that he sold three original para helmets before moving into his current sorry collection. If they are fakes, he may have to fork out a lazy two grand in refunds!

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    To all of the members who posted about Quick sales.This site should be reported to the Postal Inspectors of Australia or whatever officials investigate mail fraud in your Country.Even in Australia these scumbags ply their trade.The junk i saw as 'restored' is a word that a big East Coast dealer here in the States uses!This is B.S. and restored in my book has always meant humped up!!!!!!!!!!!!Their are very few agencies that can deal with the problems we collectors face because they dont know diddly about German regalia.Try the postal officials and if you have a Consumer agency report them to them as well.Their are times someone will do something about it,sometimes!Wish you all well as the thieves are everywhere U.S.,YOUR COUNTRY,CHINA,EAST EUROPEN COUNTRIES ARE THE WORST AND THE UK.Scams on the internet are skyrocketing and for the most part the Red Sea will part again when they really do something about the swill that robs guys.Carl

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    Hi Carl

    It's not the site itself that is dodgy, myself and other members here sell on it, so it's not all bad As you can see from my reply from admin there, it's almost impossible to convince them that something is fake, and the same would be for ebay, Ioffer, gunbroker and who knows where else. As you say, scammers are everywhere However, I have my sites on this guy in particular, and if I can see to it that his para helmets that he's sold on ebay are fakes, then the buyers CAN get a refund, despite his "no returns" policy, it's actually law in Australia that sellers have to offer a returns option. So we are covered by law to a degree, it's just hard to get buyers to take the trouble to do something sometimes. I am confident that if two of the three guys who bought para helmets off him on ebay can post photos of them here, and that if they are declared bad by collectors here that know about helmets, they are legally allowed to get a refund. How long that may take is another matter, but the law is, apparently, on their side. I'd post photos of his items here, but I still haven't mastered Microsoft Paint. Stay tuned!

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    Hello Troy
    The big problem is actually convincing the buyers that the items they have just bought are fake. Some of these buyers have been
    so "baffled by Bullshit" by the seller, or are in total denial, or have absolutely no idea about what they have really bought, that they
    will not believe the truth no matter how convincingly it is presented to them. I tried to help out some poor misguided fool that had
    bought the most dodgy helmet you have ever seen from Ioffer. There was absolutely no reasoning with him! The seller said it was
    real, so therefore it was. Getting these buyers to admit that they have bought crap will be a major stumbling block, as even
    buying this junk in the first place demonstrates gullibility & no real attention to detail.


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