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Fake central

Article about: Though his fake German para lid is cheaper than my repo German para lid with cover, which is a pain,lol

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    You hit the nail on the head there Brett. I will almost guarantee that the helmets will be fake (I have not seen pics yet though) but you will probably have a hard time getting them to admit it Troy. People will say that the seller said it was real, look at his feedback. Plus they will not want to admit to themselves they just blew $1000 on a dud, let alone admit it to some one else. If they convince themselves its real and never get it checked then they will never know and will be happy with the purchase.

    This guy in particular has been selling crap for a long time and he knows it. There are so many loopholes he can use in the wording and the description that he will be able to explain away anything. Plus the fact that there is now militaria governing body that can confirm or deny weather its good or bad. To him we will just be forum geeks that are out to get him, especially since we sell on the site, and are direct competitors. Dont get me wrong I would love to get him as what he is doing is morally wrong and something I would not contemplate doing on my store, but its gonna be an up hill battle to back him into a corner...

    All I hope for is that he is not turning away our potential customers because they tar all of us with the same brush on Quicksales.

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    Hello Jason
    People who know their stuff will have no problem identifying legitimate sellers from the shonks. The problem is that when a selling site
    becomes oversaturated with crap-vendors such as the one in question, credibility flies out of the window. Just look at Ioffer.


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    The only thing in the favour of the three guys who bought the para helmets is that, and also stipulate it, Australian law says that sellers MUST offer a return policy if you sell in this country. That applies to any shop or business here, not just ebay, or quicksales. A lot of people don't know that, but it is the law here.

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    Hello Troy
    There would be, judging by the rest of this sellers shoddy offerings, next to no chance of the helmets you speak of being authentic.
    Let's just hope that the buyers post these items, get a unanimous thumbs down, & believe the outcome enough to take action
    against this scamster. Misrepresented, fraudulent crap like this really makes my blood boil.


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    Well thats it, I would hate Quicksales to become a second ioffer.....

    You are right, the collectors will know but its the casuals, the newbies or the people buying gifts that would be the problem. Its frustrating to think people waste money on items not worth anything near what they paid because of people like this, so would be great to stop it happening, or at least create enough awareness for people to think twice before pulling the trigger.


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