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Fake central

Article about: Though his fake German para lid is cheaper than my repo German para lid with cover, which is a pain,lol

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    Default Fake central

    Hi all, check this out, what do you think? This is a new seller on quicksales, I and another member here sell on it, nothing wrong with the site, but have a look at some of his "genuine" items. I've already told him to change the description on most of his items to fantasy piece or I'll report him to admin. Guys like this guy ruin the hobby These are apparently "wwii german elite forces forks", a bargain at only $200AU starting bid.


    forks 2.jpg

    Use this link to check out his other "rare and original" pieces, starting with a rare Nazi watch with all the case markings in English! Why would a genuine WWII German watch have all the case markings in English? I don't know anything about helmets and he has a lot for sale, so I can't comment on those. The genuine SS-Reich maker marked skull beer stein bears looking at.

    WWI GERMAN WATCH for sale | item 13251047
    Last edited by Troy Tempest; 03-25-2012 at 02:28 AM.

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    Default Re: Fake central

    Hello Troy
    You would be hard pressed to find a genuine item in this sea of crap. The SS beer stein is almost priceless!
    The scary thing is that some idiot will buy this junk.


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    Default Re: Fake central

    He is on flebay as well under the same name selling the same crap. I have also said to change the descriptions but he never does. He has a lot more on quicksales though.

    We aren't all bad on quicksales though, I heard Volksjagers Militaria is good!


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    Not if I can help it! And if some poor bastard does buy any of the fantasy pieces, I'll endeavor to help him get a refund. As I admitted before, I don't know anything about helmets, I'd like someone who does to have a look at them. However, if they are anything like his "former party members" marked cigarette case, I won't hold my breath.

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    Default Re: Fake central

    Hello Jason
    I have looked at your stuff & would have to agree. To look at the clown in questions offerings brings on an almost
    Ioffer induced deja-vu.


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    Default Re: Fake central

    Quick junk would be more appropriate,these clowns must stay up nights dreaming of ways to sell this swill!

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    Default Re: Fake central

    I didn't look at the guys name as I saw you wanted helmet opinion and I scrolled down I saw that chicken wire lid and though I have seen that many times over. Low and behold its the same guy. Every helmet I have seen listed is a dud and made up for a quick buck. Wonder if he does the painting himself or buys them in? Looks like he buys in the artwork canteens and things though

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    Default Re: Fake central

    Don't judge the whole site just by this scam-merchants antics, as Jason said, there are some decent guys there. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, there's always a bad apple in every bunch

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    Default Re: Fake central

    From what I saw, 90% of the helmets are definitely bogus, the rest are very likely to be bogus. Except the slim possibility the Luft on the bottom of page 1, that might just be legit but the photos are predictably crap. The SS camo is laughable.....

    Seems just arbitrary prices too, no sense about it. There is even a Bulgarian 'gladiator' style helmet that he has as German WW2.

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    Default Re: Fake central

    Very true, alway someone there to bring it down, but the group there is pretty good. Alway some nice items being posted. Pity this bloke finally found the site!

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