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Favorite tank?

Article about: Tiger 1

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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    The good old Matilda MkII Infantry tank.
    Tough as nails early WW2 design.Slow,under gunned but hard (for it's time).

    MatildaIICrop[1].jpg20101123074631474[2].jpgMatilda Mk II soviet[1].jpg

    This design was used in all theatres of WW2 from Russia to the Pacific.
    The funny thing was it was an infantry tank whose main gun (2 pounder AT gun)
    did not fire an HE round.
    Cheers all.

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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    My favorite tank would be the Sherman Firefly.
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    43rd Wessex Division''Fighting Wyverns''.

    I'm always looking for Royal(Canadian)Artillery badged BD's

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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    I have to go for T-34 Amazing pice of steel on wheels
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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    If it has to be a WWII participating tank, then Hetzer.
    (turrets are overrated).
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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    for me it's the mk4 churchill, a very much maligned and misunderstood tank. it had a reputation for being unreliable which is due in no small part to the first 2 marks going from drawing board to production in a year but the following marks were very reliable and loved by the crews.
    it also had more armour than a tiger 1 and could cover ground that no other tank could traverse. the 6 pounder was a good anti tank gun but the H.E. round was ineffective so in that respect the gun wasn't up to the job and let the tank down but i never said it was perfect
    it was the underdog that went onto to serve long after many of it's sucessors were scrapped.

    this is mine and will be restored in the next 5 years
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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    T34/85 for me with the Tiger 1 a close second.

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    Quote by Stewy S View Post
    Tank wise for me it's the Tiger 1. Barbed wire was an optional extra apparently. Stewy
    The wire would have kept hull jumpers off the tank when in proximity to enemy infantry.

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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    The Neighbours cat
    Whilst not in my fav,s category this Leopard 1A3(AS1) lives around 20km from my home in Beaconsfield.Spent some time around these in the mid 80's during my spell in the Australian Army Reserve (National Guard,Territorial Army)
    I wish it lived in my front yard.

    This is the only MBT in Tasmania.
    Cheers all

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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    Well for respect would have to be the T34 because if it wasn't for the russians it may have taken the germans a while before they realised that sloping armour is thicker by cross section,able to deflect kinetic weapons and of course reduces the overall weight for a AFV of comparibly the same dimensions by reducing total surface area and given the very good combination of cross country ability(just look at the eastern front tank operations during winter)decent gun and good top speed but for me the tiger I is still my favourite looking WW2 tank followed closely by the M10 wolverine which isn't really a tank as such but close enough for me....

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    Default Re: Favorite tank?

    T34 85 for me, loved how simple and fast they were to make, and the determination of the men using them (sometimes without sights etc)

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