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Favorite & Worst WW Movies/Mini-series/Documentary

Article about: Impressive list there!!

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    Default Re: Favorite & Worst WW Movies/Mini-series/Documentary

    Yeah that is it Carl I forgot the full name it was well done I thought. I will have to check the book out.

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    Default Re: Favorite & Worst WW Movies/Mini-series/Documentary

    The Eagle Has Landed (1976): Nobody else looks that good in a German uniform.
    Battle of Britain(1969): For preserving those aircrafts that we (you) see flying on WW2 shows even today. Flight International 11Sept1969 " other picture can have had over 100 aircraft at its command (an air fleet equivalent in number to the World's 35th largest air force)"
    Kelly's Heroes (1970)
    Below (2002): People trapped in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean, the submarine is hounted of course. More horror than war.
    Sahara (1943): Humphrey Bogart
    1941: Loved Belushi's character Capt. Wild Bill Kelso

    Dad's Army (19681977): WW2 British Homeguard
    'Allo 'Allo (19821992): takes place in a french cafe in ww2, can be seen on bbc entertainment these days
    Black Adder Goes Forth

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    Default Re: Favorite & Worst WW Movies/Mini-series/Documentary

    if it was innacurate I hate them,i.e u571 crap.

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    A bit modern I know but Generation Kill gives a great insight into modern warfare. It gives a great insight into the modern soldier and the fog of war.

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    watched IMO a fantastic Documentary on an area I was recently researching. It is in Russian, but has subtitles. I highly reccomend it.

    RSHEV: The unkown Battles of Georgy Zhukov


    I'm now looking for any documentaries on Nikipol or lower Dneiper battles if anyone knows any....thanks

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    Default Re: Favorite & Worst WW Movies/Mini-series/Documentary

    Good movies and TV-Series:

    Die Brucke
    Der Untergang
    Idi Il Smotri
    Talvisota (The Winter War)
    Black Book
    Cross of Iron
    Das Boot
    The Heroes of Telemark
    Nine Lives (Ni Liv)
    When Trumpets Fade
    The Pianist
    Band of Brothers

    Good Documentaries:

    Mein Krieg
    The Wehrmacht
    Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary
    Stalingrad: The Documentary
    Timewatch: Battle for Berlin
    Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Fighting Force
    The War (A Ken Burns film)
    WWII: Lost Films
    The World At War
    (Blu Ray box-set of course)

    I usually do my research and try to shy away from the worst stuff the best I can so that list wouldn't be too long.
    One movie that I would like to mention even though is Saving Private Ryan:
    It's pretty to look at and all but as for actual content it's severely lacking... a lot of good effects and hollow drama, I don't know... it's just too polished and one-sided for my taste --- vastly overrated. So, shoot me

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    Default Re: Favorite & Worst WW Movies/Mini-series/Documentary

    Movies I hate that do not deserve to be capitalized:
    miracle at st anna (made me want to gauge my own eyes out)
    windtalkers (made me want to punch a baby)
    thin red line (made me fall asleep)
    pearl harbor (made me cry.... tears of joy when the movie was finally over)

    Here are a few of my favorites that I don't think have been mentioned yet. I can vouch for all of these films. I also like the Black book, Saving Private Ryan, Bridge Too Far, and a few more that have already been mentioned.

    The film is about a young Dutch boy named Michiel van Beusekom who tries to help the Dutch resistance during World War II by helping a British airman stay out of German hands during the occupation of the Netherlands. (wikipedia).


    The movie follows the events and hardships suffered by the nine companies, roughly 550 men, of the United States Army 77th Infantry Division, that had been completely cut off and surrounded by German forces a short distance away in the Argonne Forest during WWI (wikipedia)


    1997 BBC documentary film series that examines Adolf Hitler and the Nazis' rise to power, their zenith, their decline and fall, and the consequences of their reign. (wikipedia). This is the best documentary I have ever seen on WWII.


    This film is set during the occupation of Belarus by Nazi Germany. It is an account of the Bielski partisans, a group led by three Jewish brothers who saved and recruited Jews in Poland (now Belarus) during the Second World War. (wikipedia). Definitely worth a watch.



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    My vote ( especially for this time of year) is A midnight clear.
    It was adapted from the book of the same name by William Warton

    A Midnight Clear (1992) - IMDb

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