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Favourite war movie ?

Article about: I just thought I'd see every ones likes and dislikes Mine are : Enemy at the gate Shindlers list The egale has landed Sorry for my spelling ... Kind regards Alex

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    Default Re: Favourite war movie ?

    Schindler's List
    The Boy in Striped in Pajamas
    Empire of the Sun
    Saving Private Ryan

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    Default Re: Favourite war movie ?

    Good question,I think Battle of the Bulge,Night of the Generals,Operation Daybreak,Downfall,Zulu,ZuluDawn,30 Seconds over Toyko,Das Boot (German with Subtitles),

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    Default Re: Favourite war movie ?


    Quick question. Does anybody know the name of the film that centred around a young German soldier and his experiences on the Eastern front, and his death at the hands of some partisans whom he'd helped to escape. I believe that the American actor that played him, later became an American ambassador to Mexico.


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    Downfall - Das Boot & Valkyrie

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    Das Boot (the full length version) simply classic, a fantastic movie superbly directed and performed.
    Downfall. Super performance by Bruno Ganz and cast.
    The Grey Zone. A dark yet very accurate portrayal of the tortured lives of the Sonderkommando.
    Schindler's List. Not 100 percent accurate but a really, really powerful film.
    Saving Private Ryan. Again, not exactly accurate but another good one.

    I could add more...but these are the best that spring to mind.

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    Default Re: Favourite war movie ?

    The Pianist is good too...and A woman in Berlin.

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    although not movies per se the mini series Band of Brothers and the Pacific are both great!

    I agree with the rest!

    all the best,

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    Das Boot



    The Odd Angry Shot

    All great movies to sit down in front of with a cold beer and no missus or kids in sight.

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    How did I forget Zulu ! I aso like the boy I'n the striped pajamers and just finished watching beneath hill 60 witch was am good film !

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    I like the movies
    Cross of Iron
    I found a bunch of books about to thrown in a skip the other day and one of them was "The Desert Fox" and it is in good condition for 25 years old. I also got Das boot but havent watched it.


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