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Feedback regarding todays militaria prices.

Article about: Rising prices are to be expected in any normal economy. We don't like them, but like them or not, they are reality. Like most of you I try to stay away from dealers, but once in a while the

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    Crazy price today !

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    The trick is to buy items that make you happy. It is totally unpredictable what the market will do, but I do believe that the future of this hobby is fairly secure. Younger people will continue to be interested, and there will always (unfortunately) be conflict or regimes that will provide material that will become a source of interest and study for future generations. I bet when the squaddies were picking up handfuls of Argentine helmets in the South Atlantic, you could not have convinced them that they could sell those helmets thirty- odd years later for nigh on 500. Lets face it, people will always want to hold something and say "it was there."

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    Quote by Spitace41 View Post
    Lets face it, people will always want to hold something and say "it was there."
    Very well put. I can say that is one of the reasons I even started.

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    Glenn,From the time I started German collecting in 1969 I strived for knowledge.I went to any show (very,very few)back then.Also I will not explain that here outside NYC. on L.I. a show was held at the local armory and had a large amount of nice collectibles.After the show the local pols were up in arms about Nazi items being shown and sold.Needless to say that was the one and only show.Some other shows along with the members started up on L.I. and I learned a great deal from friends at these shows and dealers.Then I started to buy whatever new publications were available and saw the pieces in books such as Angolias and Littlejohn and Dinkins.Still have a letter from Littlejohn which had info on badge and decorations.Before this gets to be a long story please anybody who is new to the hobby gain all the knowledge you can,shows, books and of course this forum and if you don't like the story of a piece move on!!!!!!

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    Great comments guys,keep'um coming,just a point of interest,at the moment there are certain items on ebay which have actually risen above certain well respected dealers prices,so we cant always lay the blame at there feet,I guess its just the shear popularity of everything at the moment,maybe it will level out or keep rising steadily who knows only time will tell..........

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    Since my last post I found two more examples of a Deutschland Cross that are way over-priced, one is on German ebay for 350 Euro and this one shown here in the US was recently appraised by Antiques Trade News for $500. Crazy asking such prices for such an arcane subject area as U-Deutschland artifacts. Dwight

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