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Fighting under three flags.

Article about: Few men have in recent times managed to fight under three flags in their lifetime. As Ive always thought the story of Lauri Törni interesting, I thought I'd highlight him and another of the

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    Quote by HPL2008 View Post
    Another remarkable military career is that of Ivor Thord who participated in no less than 13 armed conflicts on 4 continents with a diverse assortment of armed forces
    HPL, check out the CV of Frederick Russel Burnham.

    I find his life fascinating, after reading about him years ago. What he endured and experienced in the span of a lifetime is almost unbelievable!

    A life less ordinary and lived to the hilt!

    Frederick Russell Burnham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    A new book on Lauri Törni's life came out recently called: Tuntematon Lauri Törni, Unknown Lauri Törni. I'm reading it currently and it has received criticism for being more critical on Törni. Although it had some little embarrassing mistakes, I find it enjoyable and I like books that are non-biased. Other books about him have seemed more poetic or telling a story about this mythological hero, rather than about the person himself. Reading about the long-range patrols that he led is fascinating. Such as him going behind the enemy lines with his squad, mapping their defenses, ambushing a truck and then taking a prisoner. After that they found out that there is a Soviet supply depot nearby and Törni wanted to try and blow it sky high, even though their mission had already been accomplished. They attacked the depot, but due to high enemy presence with NKVD troops arriving they had to fall back, but with no casualties. I have to say, he was one though guy.

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