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Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

Article about: I want to watch the movie again, now I cant wait for the DVD to be released!

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    It's so bad...

    Well, I would like to see a realistic movie starting inside a german soldier, instead of a american, which makes so good movies, where the german looks like idiots.. Fu Hollywood!

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    In all seriousness, we've all grown up watching war films with the Germans always being the evil, mostly a bit stupid and easy to shoot, bad guys. There have been some noticable exceptions but they've been in the minority.

    If I were given 10 million, I would make a film based on the novel "forgotten soldier" or similar eastern front memoirs, fact or fiction. I know plans were in effect already for "forgotten soldier" but it didn't happen which is a blessing really because it would need a bigger budget than planned to get anywhere near being successful.

    Most of all, I would make sure Spielberg and Hanks etc were not involved.

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    Ben, forgotten soldier is a magnificent book, it would need to be a very good movie to live up to it. I first read that book 20 years ago and I still rate it as the single best book I have ever read. I would love to see a movie of it but as I mentioned it would need to be good.

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    I know for some it would seem a sacriledge, but i would welcome a remake of the Longest Day, most of the areas are still in good shape and what the film companies can achieve with special effects would make it a fantastic film, but i would like other missions to be included, like Merville Battery, more emphasis placed on the various skirmishes heading inland, I know the great actors are no longer available or too old to take part but i can still imagine what it would look like with the actors we have now

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    The german army in WW II has a sad reputation... and I undestand this...German soldier = monster, ennemy, zombie, Alien and more...

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    Yet in reality the German soldiers were well equipped, well trained, and a bloody hard enemy to beat, and in the main well led by some very competent commanders, both at general staff level and unit level

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    This Finnish film is a satire in which no nation and no institution nor person escapes unscathed. Serious movies about German soldiers were made by West Germans in notable quality in the 1950s, in which the reality of military life is well depicted. This Iron Sky skewers Hollywood as much as it employs cliches of the SS as the embodiment of evil.
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    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    I can't wait!!!!!

    I believe " forgotten soldier" is going to be made into a film....

    My favourite movie is Die Brucke.....apparently the bridge in the movie was replaced in the 1990's, but they have interpretive boards set up on it showing scenes from the film!!!

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    It kind of seems stupid how childish movie makers always portrays germans as evil demons, but that sells, and we can do nothing about that. Lets keep the conversation on the movie now?

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    Default Re: Film - 'Iron Sky' I just cant wait !!

    Back to the movie, here are some more tempters !

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    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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