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Finally bit the bullet...

Article about: Thank you so very much, gentlemen!

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    Congratulations Joe.

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    Thank you all, gentlemen!

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    Congrats!!! However I hope she likes the Military stuff... I had very good luck, my GF is into Military history, she just does not like the idea that when I buy a collection, it tends to cover the dining room table and my den floor until I go through it.

    Good Luck!!!!!

    Dean O
    Ajax Canada

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    Best move you'll ever make!!!
    (my GF made me write that!)

    Get ready to sell your collection. Was nice to know you prior to being neutered

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    Congrats Joe. If she likes the War stuff you collect, you have a keeper.
    All my Best to you.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Better pics of the rock maybe in natural light will help? LOL Congratulations Good luck!!!!

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    Thanks, guys!

    I made the mistake a few years ago of telling her how much some pieces of my collection are worth. Every time I acquire a new piece... no matter how cheap it was, she assumes the worst and I get death stares... lol...

    BUT, she tolerates my hobby and shows an interest in it. She just wants to make sure my... or should I say our future financial situation is sound.

    In the mean time, I think I've decided to collect WWII US Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. I already have most of the expensive ones... the ones I am missing seem to sell for no more than $5. I figure this would be a good way to keep my collecting alive while saving money. Beyond that, framed up all of the shoulder patches would display extremely well framed up. Now accepting donations! lol

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    Quote by cat66 View Post
    Better pics of the rock maybe in natural light will help? LOL Congratulations Good luck!!!!
    It has passed the black light test... lol

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    Congrats Joe and all the best

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    Good on ya mate, just as long she lets you keep your collection shes a keeper

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