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Scout, awesome photos, I'd love to see that museum also. The one you showed in the photos is the same choppers we had, OH-56s. We've been holding them together with rubber bands and bubble gum for the last 10 years. Taxpayers certainly got their money's worth with the OH-56's and the Huey's.
Thank you.
Ft. Rucker is worth a visit for the chopper afficionado.
Yes, the old ones are great.
I always thought they should resurrect the Cobra. The Apache is a fantastic aircraft, but it was meant for (also) destroying tanks on the German plains and it is VERY expensive to make and run.
I bet they could run several Cobras for the price of one Apache.
The Cobra would do well for current tasks with a few upgrades.
The OH-56, Cayuse, the fantastic Huey and last but not least the Sh......, I mean Chinook are great workhorses.

Sand blasted, worn airframes yet still the Chinooks transport troops and supplies as they have done for decades

Here a few more pics, that I snapped:

A few more from Rucker