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First helmet?

Article about: by maximus71 Do football helmets count? lol Unless it is a US WW2 tanker helmet hehe

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    Quote by 1stCTHeavyArtillery View Post
    In the 70's my brother & I had WWII helmet Liners (we played army & thought they were helmets) but the 1st official was a WWII fixed-bail M1 shell- has since been given a proper period liner.
    I probably got that one about 2009/2010.....many more since
    Same story for me, then! Mine too was a WW2 m1 liner. At the time I also believed it was a proper "helmet"; I remember wondering how such a thin sheet of composite fibre could protect someone. (I also thought it was from the vietnam war) I remember army-crawling under the neighbor's deck in it to retrieve his soccer ball. Going on risky covert missions; climbing over the fence of the house behind us (enemy territory ) to retrieve similar items.

    My father before me used it for similar occasions, he once told me he wore it for halloween. Even he cannot remember how it came into the family.

    The pot for it should be arriving today through the mail, it deserves the least.

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    First helmet was a M1, McCord, swivel bale. Reissued in the 1950s to the Danish army, with post war DKI liner.

    Although not the prettiest, the rarest or the most valuable item in my collection, it was my first helmet, and it has been with me for the past 12+ years.
    Hopefully it will remain mine for many years to come.

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    I just recieved the pot, and it sure is a different feel to actually have it in hand! The feel of the metal, size of the chinstraps, look of the paint - beautiful!

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    My first was a US late war rear seam M1 with a mid war Westinghouse liner

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