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First helmet?

Article about: by maximus71 Do football helmets count? lol Unless it is a US WW2 tanker helmet hehe

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    Default First helmet?

    Don't mean to be nosy but what was your first helmet?

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    The one the Army gave me!

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    The plastic toy helmet I wore running through my wooded property like a crazy kid with a plastic toy M-16.

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    Default Re: First helmet?

    A neighbor gave me a WW1 M16 when I was about 12 years old ( 1947 ) I don`t have a clue what happened to it,my mother probably threw it out.....Pete.

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    Default Re: First helmet?

    I had a mint WWII Canadian helmet given by a neighbour
    back in the late 60's.........


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    Default Re: First helmet?

    Do football helmets count? lol

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    Default Re: First helmet?

    An M1 fixed bail that my neighbor gave me when I found it in his garage along with my first rifle. A type 38 Japanese rifle his father had brought home from the war!!! I still have them and will always treasure them.
    Semper Fi

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    Default Re: First helmet?

    My first helmet.
    From belleauwoods if I remember correctly.

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    Default Re: First helmet?

    Here's my first one, an Aussie issued M1 I picked up from a mate who was in the army in the mid 80's.

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    Default Re: First helmet?

    My first one happens to be my favorite! An m40 Q62 SD corpse cut and blood damaged liner. Apologies if seen on another thread.
    Whoa! I just noticed this is my 1776 th post! U.S. independence !
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