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Forum numbers

Article about: by ian i would love to re join ,,i havnt worked for 6mths now ,,and cant justify it to my wife I certainly understand friend. Everyone has their ups and downs financially. Don't worry about

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    I "lurked" for a while on this forum before actually contributing... Maybe I felt a little intimidated or that my small collection was unworthy? Let's face it, non-German stuff doesn't garner as much attention here as German and especially SS items.

    For many, I'm sure they're just popping in to check out values or to quickly offload an item that they found at their local antique mall or that belonged to their late father/ grandfather.

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    This is by far the best forum on the planet. With a million years of Knowledge. We all have our specialties. I myself am into lugers and carbines. Others are into belt buckles and the list goes on. I promote this forum to all that will listen. Members agree to disagree on issues and we all feel a special bond among us. At Least I do. The fee is nothing compared to all the information we recieve from each other. I have learned that you have to sometimes have "thick skin" with what you may get back for an answer on items. But that is life. Not being a member is foolish in my opinion.
    Just my thoughts this morning.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Hi Joe but some of are membership with high post counts has been here for some time and still do not financially contribute to the forum.
    And IMO you are correct non German military does take a bit of a back seat here as it were for the lack of a better phrase but there are a few amongst us that do collect Allied and or commonwealth .
    I have seen quite a change hear in the last few months in regards to British, Canadian and or US military we are growing in numbers and the more of us that contribute to these particular sections of the forum will only increase in time drawing in more members that collect in the same field.
    Just my two cents on the matter.

    Regards Mark K
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Chaps, in reference to the 2000 guests I was on about these are the guys that pop in and just look for information, if regular guys want to contribute thats fine if they dont they dont, with the 2000 odd guys that just look every day, if they actually registered and commented/posted info it would make the forum a even better wealth of knowledge, unknowingly they might have unseen items in their collections and not even know it! I realise that it is unlikely but it would be nice

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    I have just re-joined again , as i have had some great help & advice from the chaps on here & the recent help from Ben

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    I joined because of the advice not to buy a helmet, saved me a fortune. I now collect paperwork because the experts on the site give honest and fair advice. Some thing which dealers (who want/need to sell ) are not allways as forthcoming.


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    i would love to re join ,,i havnt worked for 6mths now ,,and cant justify it to my wife

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    Quote by ian View Post
    i would love to re join ,,i havnt worked for 6mths now ,,and cant justify it to my wife
    Bad news mate, but at least you are a registered member even if not paying the fee at this time and hopefully you will be back in work before too long. And when you had the money you paid the fee.

    It is the numbers of guests that seems odd to me, as it is free to join and post and only those with the money and desire need to join, though obviously the more that pay the fee then aid the running of the forum which is a surprising amount of money every month.

    Each to their own I suppose but it would be good if more of the guests became members and some of the long time members paid the fee if they can afford it, especially those who are active collectors, which not all are or are doing it on a very tight budget, but if your posting high cost items you should really search your conscience and pay the fee.

    Perhaps it might be time to stop answering requests about the more exotic items from non payers? Though I know that goes against the ethos behind the founding of this forum, but some selective responding might be appropriate. Oh well, just thinking out loud.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Ben, Do you have the number of actual WRF members ? Contibuting I mean ?? Gwar

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    Quote by Australia View Post
    There is a name for this activity I just can't think of it.....

    Oh that's it there lurkers lurkers ....on the forum !

    Join us my lads and ladies , we have fun times with the Aussie boys so sign up today and get history .
    Especially the ladies !!!!

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