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Forum numbers

Article about: by ian i would love to re join ,,i havnt worked for 6mths now ,,and cant justify it to my wife I certainly understand friend. Everyone has their ups and downs financially. Don't worry about

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    Quote by ian View Post
    i would love to re join ,,i havnt worked for 6mths now ,,and cant justify it to my wife
    I certainly understand friend. Everyone has their ups and downs financially. Don't worry about it.
    When you are financially strapped the comradery of like minded folks takes some of the sting and frustration out of a situation that you really don't have a hell of a lot of control over. Been there and done that.
    You always have friends here buddy.

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    Quote by guns ltd View Post
    This is by far the best forum on the planet. With a million years of Knowledge. We all have our specialties. I myself am into lugers and carbines. Others are into belt buckles and the list goes on. I promote this forum to all that will listen. Members agree to disagree on issues and we all feel a special bond among us. At Least I do. The fee is nothing compared to all the information we recieve from each other. I have learned that you have to sometimes have "thick skin" with what you may get back for an answer on items. But that is life. Not being a member is foolish in my opinion.
    Just my thoughts this morning.

    I am not the wisest when it comes to military but I can damn sure give you advice on how to get out of trouble for punching an irritating big mouth A$$hole down at the local watering hole.

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    I`v never posted as a guest and don`t know. (I only had to join because i didn't know how to post as a guest) But i realized its better than being a annoying guest as they just pop up all over the place.

    Edit: ignore this post or delete it. As i have just realized that you are talking about the members that are not in the gold club.

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    Hi Guys, I would just like to add a few comments.

    We have some wonderful kind and generous people on the forum. In the past few weeks one or two have paid for comrades who cannot afford to join the Gold Club at present. Someone has just paid for Ian.

    I never want people to feel obligated to pay. However, it is really unfair to let others shoulder the financial burdon and not help out if they can. You will always get free loaders...Unlike other places, this forum is not run for a profit. (I wish it was! LOL) We have just over 300 members. Some full year, others the shorter $10 100 day option. This does not even cover the server costs. Servers, back up's, software, etc cost at lot of money. We are talking a five figure sum here.....Of course many think these come free!

    We get a large amount of guest traffic due to the success of the forum. Dimas has done wonders with the various search engines and we come up very well in any kind of search.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Had good advice? Saved money? Why not become a Gold Club Member, just hit the green "Join WRF Club" tab at the top of the page and help support the forum!

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    I would love to join the gold club but at the moment i don't really have the money.

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    How about when we have a "What is it and what's it worth thread", as always discuss/identify the item, but for non-members politely suggest a $5 donation for a valuation? I was thinking about the guy with the Uber-rare reverse-rune-helmet a few weeks ago, who made the find of the year due to the Forum and Doug's help but couldn't be bothered with us since then...
    Just my musings, friends...nothing serious here, lol...
    cheers, Glenn

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    to who ever it was,,,,,,, thank you ,you are worth your weight in gold ,i will do the same for someone in the future , when times are better
    cheers ian

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    Moderator Jerry B..
    I hear and understand what you are stating.. But not unlike Father Flannigan, We must nurture our flock and hope the results or fruits of our labor will be repaid in kind.. Perhaps, if we do not, we may alienate potential members in the future.. I was once skeptical about my first posting... The response
    was most gratifying.. At that point I detrmined that this forum is the premier better than average and second to none forum to support by my membership.. I feel honored to know and converse with educated and most times brilliant minds concerning my particular collecting ....Gwar

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    I would mainly like to see more of the guests join rather than remain guests and also those who have been here a while and if they can afford it to pay the very small membership fee to help keep the forum going, otherwise one day it might go under.

    As Ben mentioned, there must be a lot of items to see among all the guests.

    I am not having a go at anyone and sometimes for me it has been a struggle to justify the fee, even at such a low amount when I could get the same for free, so I fully understand those who can't afford it, but if people are asking about German helmets for instance, they surely in the main can afford the fee? Some of the younger members here probably cannot afford the fees and the same applies to others in these times of world wide financial difficulties, but even a low end German helmet (or most other items) will cost far more than the fee, so if people can put their hand on their heart and say they can't afford, fine, but don't ask my opinion on a Denison smock, SS insignia or DD M35 lid or whatever it is.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Well in the future i have no problem to pay some money but i am a member for a short time normally when i new on a forum a look and post some months and then if everything is nice and good i will pay.I am not a lurker or somthing we say in holland we look the cat out of the tree before we do somthing.

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