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Forum T-Shirts ?

Article about: Hmm, why don't we make another thread where the users on this site can send in their designs? It would be a great way to earn money for the forum.

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    Default Forum T-Shirts ?

    Just a thought

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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    Yes please, i am no artist though!!

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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    If there is a huge demand for the t-shirts and i believe there is, we have many talented artists on the forum and possible sources to have them made. Of course this must all pass through Adrian.

    I for one am in favor of it.

    regards, Tyrone

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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    What about hats?

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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    I cannot speak for Ade, but I believe this is an excellent idea. This would probably give funding for this excellent forum for years to come. Losing this forum would be tragic.

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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    Here is a T-Shirt design Ade is sure to approve (no foul intended)!

    Really though, I think this is a great idea!
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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    I would wear that shirt. I have never met anyone else with Ade's knowledge. The man is an encyclopedia of militaria.

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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    a bit better details and i buy one or two

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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    What about a polo with a nice logo.

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    Default Re: Forum T-Shirts ?

    Not to toot my own horn, but the more I look at it, the more I could see my self wearing it!

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