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Foyle's War in Liverpool

Article about: Not exactly military but Foyle's War 9th series commences filming in Liverpool today exactly in the place were I thought would double as postwar London. I work very near to the shoot today I

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    Default Foyle's War in Liverpool

    Not exactly military but Foyle's War 9th series commences filming in Liverpool today exactly in the place were I thought would double as postwar London. I work very near to the shoot today
    It was pissing down with rain and wind today hence why the actors had their hands onto their hats

    In pictures: Foyle's War filming in Liverpool - Liverpool Echo

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    A damn good series, and I recognise the spot (I think)
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    Three 2hrs episodes mainly filmed in Liverpool to be release in spring 2015.

    Update some more info about the shoot today but looks like they will be visiting different parts of the city till Easter

    Starring Michael Kitchen

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    Looks like Falkner Street to me with Catherine Street in the background. These streets are all Georgian and are often used for filming because they look like parts of London.

    Many years ago I was walking past a winnebago in Falkner square when its curtains were suddenly pulled open. I found myself face to face with Jeremy Brett dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

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    Yes, I believe John Pertwee's last screen outing was in a garage in the Georgian area.
    A work colleague had a cameo appearance on Prime Suspect in the early 90s filming in Faulkner Street.
    I wonder if London look like the Georgian district of Liverpool rather than the other way round? I heard Liverpool once lead London as Britain's top city sometime in its history. Hard to believe if it is true.

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    Yes you're absolutely correct and in Pilgrim St just around the corner. I remember the ad was for a phone company and he was stood in front of garage doors that had 'Doctor on call 24 hours' painted on them. The film company hadn't done this either as they were the rear doors to a surgery on Rodney St.

    Bringing it back round to a military theme it's interesting to note that John Pertwee's cousin was Bill Pertwee who played the angry Warden in Dad's Army.

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    or are they holding on to their hats so they do not get stolen !
    Prost ! Steve.

    p.s. only joking !!!
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    The new series of Foyle's War, filmed in Liverpool early in the year, will start on Sunday 4th January 2015.
    Honeysuckle Weeks appeared on GMB this morning about the new series even though she is showing her age with modern makeup she does look better than she does on the drama series. During the interview my most annoying person on breakfast TV, Kate Garraway, reveal that she is a big Foyle's War fan but she said to Honeysuckle the Sam Stewart character now has the opportunity to glam up and thankfully got rid of the ghastly uniform she has to wear for most of the series
    My message to Kate Garraway is if she wasn't enthusiastic about Sam's MTC uniform she do not understand the show. Good to see Honeysuckle immediately interrupted Kate's criticism and said she liked the uniform and everything in it that was khaki, she said it in a serious way
    I suppose more than anything fans miss seeing her in that uniform and is something she has been told many times and that her character's popularity has suffered without it. Since Sam is now in espionage I suppose there is plenty of opportunity to put her in other service uniforms.

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