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France's war in Malia

Article about: Hello Senores! May be some of you know that we're fighting against Aqmi in Malia. We're givin' them hell. In order not to forget our troops,and to bring to the light what's happening there,i

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    It's not close to being over , the already well armed Islamists now have even more weapons from Libya etc . And historic tribal conflicts that have been repressed by strong arm dictators have been over thrown , without any real replacement . With the problems already facing Africa , religious conflict will only make things much worse . It's also very difficult to defeat an enemy who has no fear of death . Look how hard it was for the US to defeat the Japanese in WWII . Things don't look good for Africa IMHO .

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    We are doing a very good job there,even if killing people is far far away from my concept of good job.
    The Malian population welcomed so warmly our troops,and it was obvious that it was no propaganda,that you cannot have a doubt:we had to go there.
    Now.....How can we leave with such a mediocre Malian army?
    As Big Ned wrote,itīs gonna be a f****g mess for us.
    Anyway i support proudly our soldiers,i believe them to work for the future of Africa.

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    My god the Army of Mali is terrible, a good airsoft team would be more effective.

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    How to do tell who is who the uniform of the Mali army is all over the place.
    I think I saw 5 different uniformes

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