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Führerglocke was found in austria

Article about: Check this ... still in use ;-) Die "Führerglocke" im Mostviertel und der mysteriöse Schlosskäufer - Österreich-Chronik -

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    Default Re: Führerglocke was found in austria

    I thought the thing was already purchased by a U.S. collector?
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Führerglocke was found in austria


    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Führerglocke was found in austria

    Very interesting article. Thanks for posting.
    Would be nice if the general public would be able to view the bell - would be nice for collectors and others interested in that era.
    Nice castle - not bad for a minimum price of 1.77 million EUR.
    The castle lay-out and the angle from which the pic was taken reminded me a bit about Wewelsburg - the same triangle lay-out (might be just the pic though. Wewelsburg of course has two small towers and one bigger tower and is otherwise vastly different.)

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    They authorities realised that there is a market in US to sell the bell, but at the end the Antiquities and Monuments Office decided to declare the
    bell as an historical item which is forbidden to remove from the tower. There will be now placed a sign with an describtion to the bell.
    Luckily the bell is not melted to make plugshares ;-)))

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    Default Re: Führerglocke was found in austria

    Sense I can not read German, What is the story behind the bell?
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