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"FURY" 2014 Movie starring brad Pitt ,will be using a Real Tiger Tank !

Article about: Filming will feature The last running German WW2 Tiger Tank , I believe the Tiger in this movie is one the allies captured in Tunisia in 1943 as part of a special op endorsed by Churchill hi

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    Quote by NunoGTI View Post

    It seems im not too popular around here lately.
    Thank you for the support René.
    I have only worked on it today, early in the morning and the premiere is tonight.

    Looking good Buddy - break a leg Mate

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    Saw this movie today, very good, a nice pace of action and soft moments, alot of nice attention to detail, seeing it in the theather is the way too go, the booming surround sound and large screen really add another dimension to this type of film, and the wife liked it also! Two thumbs up.

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    My interview in the morning news about "Fury".
    Its in Portuguese but there i am, promoting the movie.


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    Bravo Nuno!

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    You're a TV star!
    I'm joking of course
    Congrats Nuno.

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    Great movie guys , seen it today and I really enjoyed it from start to finish , the real tiger tank was looking good !

    Worth a watch for sure

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    I have read through the thread. My Grandfather was in WWII as an American Solider, He brought Home a German Warbride my Grandmother who gave birth to my Dad in Germany. He served in Vietnam as a Marine. I served in Iraq in Desert Storm as a Marine as well. I will say that my attitude towards Hollywood is worth keeping to myself. I will say that I met many great Canadian, British & Aussie Soldiers during my time in the service. Thankful for what each nation did in WWI and WWII. Before our eyes today we are watching the rise of evil in ISIS and groups not even mentioned in the media. I am 46 and would strap on my rifle and go defend freedom anywhere tomorrow. England, Canada, Austrailia and other Allies you would have my support in second. It will take a united world to defeat this new evil. What I can say is War is absolute hell and even Saving Private Ryan and Hollywood can't paint an accurate picture of what it is really like. You return "never" to being a civilian. My whole family has much "junk on the bunk" over our time in 3 wars.

    Blessings to you my fellow collectors. When I look at my collection of US and Third Reich Militaria I am reminded of how Evil Hitler was and the SS did his horror. I am proud and grateful WE ALL defeated him and his Axis Powers. As you see Fury and collect remember to stay faithful to freedom and any country in any capacity that fought for it. Hug a vet tomorrow or after you see the movie. I thank many of you who I know on this forum who served.

    Here is a short video link to my Grandmother's book if you want to watch it. Feisty Lydia - Memoirs of a German Warbride.

    Semper Fi

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    Rossi , thank you for your service and to other service personnel on the forum, keep in mind that this is a "Hollywood" film and most screen plays are exaggerated to say the least , saying that it was worth paying $10 bucks to see the real tiger tank in the battle scene , strong performances by the cast , reply back if you get the chance to see it .


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    Quote by sandgroper View Post
    I would actually love to see a good movie made on Crete!
    Try "Ill met by moonlight" with Dirk Bogarde, based on true events

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    The 131 Tiger and the Sherman were both used, supplied from Bovingdon

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