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"FURY" 2014 Movie starring brad Pitt ,will be using a Real Tiger Tank !

Article about: Filming will feature The last running German WW2 Tiger Tank , I believe the Tiger in this movie is one the allies captured in Tunisia in 1943 as part of a special op endorsed by Churchill hi

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    I think if it were a German tank in the EXACT same movie more people here would like it. It being us Americans that made it about ourselves, you'll probably hear a lot of negative stuff. I liked it though, but this horse is long dead at this point here.

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    Check out this thread:
    "FURY" 2014 Movie starring brad Pitt ,will be using a Real Tiger Tank !

    Edit: this was in reply to a thread started by silberkreuz regarding this film. It would appear that
    that thread has now been merged with the link I supplied. Refer post 210.

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    It being us Americans that made it about ourselves, you'll probably hear a lot of negative stuff.
    The reason why movies such as these get negative reviews, both on here and other places, is due to the fact that they portray worn out stereotypes that would make the most patriotic ww2 vet cringe -- Of course, they are easy to get/like with the simpleminded good vs. evil/black and white thing, a lot easier to write and of course rake in a lot of money catering to the general public. Saying it's simply because "Americans made it" is rubbish though, nothing personal... it just is.
    Americans are of course more than capable of portraying ww2 in a realistic light, it's just that we're talking about Hollywood here --- they're out to entertain and make as much money as possible, not to provide people with more complex/realistic portrayals of historic events. Good vs. Evil goes light on the brain and a lot of explosions keeps your average Joe happy (not aiming at anyone in particular here... just so you know).

    That said, being entertained by ww2 films such as this starring Brad Pitt and various other worn out Hollywood celebs is just fine --- to each their own. Doesn't change the fact that a lot of people are sick and tired of these Hollywood stereotypes either way.

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    Quote by Nathan362 View Post
    I think if it were a German tank in the EXACT same movie more people here would like it. It being us Americans that made it about ourselves, you'll probably hear a lot of negative stuff. I liked it though, but this horse is long dead at this point here.
    Part of the reason why movies such as this do not always get met with warm praise is because they commonly portray the Americans as winning the war pretty much in spite of their allies and often present negative stereotypes about those allies, which does not sit well with people from other nations.

    I rarely go to the cinema these days but I look forward to watching this when it is out on disc.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Watched this one a few days ago and wow ! , I had high hopes for this being a good movie and enjoyed it from start to finish , I am also fussy when it comes to war movies. The real tiger tank was impressive !

    Well worth a watch on the "big screen" to show all the effects properly.

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    Lots of different views here. From 'Great, realistic, gritty' etc to a comparison with the comic-book type of movie mentioned (Commando). Not sure how views on the same film can be so diametrically opposed so i guess i'll have to watch it for myself. mind, when the conservative censors here cut out the bad language and and kissing (if there is) I might be lucky to see the opening and closing credits. At least my popcorn won't get cold!

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    I watched Fury last Saturday with my youngest son. he was inpressed. I myself thought it was a good movie. It was a bit theatrical at the end. Also if these guys were in the war since North Africa they would know a full blown Frontal attack on a tiger tank is suicide. As far as shooting the SS on sight this was true according to the WWII combat veterans I have talked too over the years. Especially when they entered Germany. As far as trusting the towns people in Germany. The troops didn't as much as the movie Portrayed. I talked to a combat veteran some years ago that still had a 25 ACP slug in his chest from one of these " young women" Of course he shot her. Well The equipment was correct as I could see it. Fury did look like a Firefly version with the muzzle break on the main tank gun And the wide tracks through me off a little bit. Over all a good movie that portrayed the stresses of combat.
    Just my observations with my limited knowledge.
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    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Watched it yesterday...had some really good parts,but it just fell short every time i got excited for the realism...the religious overtones were just laid on too thick (seemed like every five minutes there was a reference) even when they were doing very bad things,the connotations of a moral high ground were still there..even the end was sacrificial mythologizing.. my poor wife who i dragged along (and im sure we all know how hard it is to be a collectors wife )was saying,all those SS guys cant beat a tank that cant move? Should be renamed Brad Pitt Vs Nazis ,Hating on Hollywoods ,Its all about the winning mentality...Thin red line was a good Hollywood movie,something different...Schindlers list, fantastic...So Hollywood can make good war movies,they just choose mass market over realism..One of my favourite war movies has only one scene where people are shot at, Napola..its the subtlety that works

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    I think the film lost its way at the end in true Hollywood fashion. Lets be honest German troops would have had no problem either circling the tank or finishing it off. Instead we see them doing a full frontal assault on all its main weapons!! Are we also supposed to believe that the Germans were capable of such assaults whilst in reality they had no fuel for its tanks, half tracks and trucks, and very little ammuntion.
    I think the grityness of the crew was played well. There is no talk of home etc which makes a change. But we are led to believe that the Americans are on their arse and only have three tanks left in that sector??!! I believe the film would have fared better and been more likely had the setting been the bocage in Normandy when there were still Tigers, half tracks, Waffen SS and allied casualties were high.

    Why would a typist be thrown in as a gunner in tank when there would have been thousands of gunners available for replacement at that time of the war?

    I could go on and on about the inacurracies which is a shame because it had so much promise. The effects were great and reality of battle I thought were realistic but the overall film was marred by the 'Hollywood touch'. I enjoyed watching the film but at the same time I came away dissapointed.

    As someone has put The Thin Red Line I think is a great film that is very much missunderstood. No one has yet managed to match Saving Private Ryan or Das Boot and that is the challenge.

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    I don't remember a trap door on the bottom of our tank

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