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"FURY" 2014 Movie starring brad Pitt ,will be using a Real Tiger Tank !

Article about: Filming will feature The last running German WW2 Tiger Tank , I believe the Tiger in this movie is one the allies captured in Tunisia in 1943 as part of a special op endorsed by Churchill hi

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    Why does Hollywood always focus on some crazy, unrealistic, 'behind enemy lines' kind of bullshit??

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    Because the first 3500 times that Hollywood did it, the audiences were impressed by it....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by Woolgar View Post
    Definately worth watching although theres a woman in it !

    I've always had my doubts about Brad Pitt too Nick.

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    Quote by Woolgar View Post
    Definately worth watching although theres a woman in it !

    You prefer 'men only' films? (not that there's anything wrong with that)

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    You prefer 'men only' films? (not that there's anything wrong with that)

    It annoys me when during a gritty war film a pretty woman pops up and it turns into a love story!!!

    It nearly happened in Band of Brothers but thankfully she was killed just in time

    P.S. Dont get me wrong, I like pretty women !!

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Quote by Woolgar View Post

    P.S. Dont get me wrong, I like pretty women !!

    Well, that's a relief!

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    Quote by TheGoon View Post
    The US entered ww1 in 1917 and ended a year later, not the greatest contribution
    This statement and the others you've made here are absolutely ridiculous.

    Personally, I feel this thread has undermined the achievements of our American soldiers due possibly to the animosity some here hold toward Hollywood...which is actually the very thing you all complain about Hollywood doing. Seriously, the first 30 odd post, give or take a few in-between which I'm thankful for, belittles the American soldiers achievements, something I personally would never do to any country, especially over a few directors who've obviously never served a day in their life in a military. Comments like this suggest all Americans feel this way and that their involvement and the lives lost meant nothing... "The Americans think they won everything but really in World War One they were barely in it". -"TheGoon"- quite fitting actually, has now gone beyond Hollywood and made it all Americans. I truly hope you've served your country in the time of war with the above comments and others you've made but somehow I doubt you've as any respectable serviceman would never say such things about an ally country.
    I could also, in return, do the same...with any country actually, but I won't because they all deserve more respect than that.
    Though I truly hate to even bring this back to the top and derail this thread again, I must defend my country and make a few points:
    • there are many other aspects of war other than simply killing the enemy. Churchill pretty much begged the Americans, with their insignificant involvement, to enter the war. This wasn't just because he originally though he'd need them to win the war but because of fear of the Russians taking everything.
    • Yes, Britain was in debt to the U.S until 2006 for supplies received by America during the war but without them where would of Britain got the much needed supplies and better yet, what change, if any, would it have had on the war if the U.S didn't supply them?
    • America also supplied Russia greatly with much needed goods.
    • A movie is - a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images shown in a theatre. Why does our Hollywood have to only depict factual events...aren't movies sole purpose to entertain? Sure, it would be nice to watch a historically accurate movie once and awhile but A) running time would probably take too long to involve all sides achievements, failures, etc. and B) most Americans wouldn't be interested. If you want facts only watch a documentary(though many of those are historically incorrect as well), not a movie.
    • If you feel America's involvement was so insignificant you are more than welcomed to return to the past, join company 'A', load up on one of the Higgins boats, and hit Normandy's beachfront. If you make, as in the first 20 minutes 95% were dead, I'm sure you won't be saying, "us Americans were only involved for a year or so, therefore are contribution wasn't all that great" anymore.
    • All countries have their positives and negatives, both in their film and military, but the majority of the time their own film producers will surely depict them as the strongest force as to sell tickets to their audience. In fairness, many could argue the war was already lost for the Germans long before the U.S entered the war and this was mainly due to Russia, but no British person or American(besides us collectors and historians) are going to want to see a movie based on that. Also, if the U.S never entered the war how many more European lives would've been lost? How many more murders would've occurred in concentration camps? And how many more years would've the war lasted?
    •Involvement aside, I doubt there are too many countries wanting to get into a one-on-one match with the or then, which speaks volumes about their forces.
    I could go on and on but I won't as it's not worth the bandwidth and I don't wish to start a fight but please think before you type.
    Sorry for the essay guys, but I am just sickened by the 30 or so post which I never would've though I'd see here and felt a rebuttal was necessary.
    A special thank you to Jerry and all the others who stopped it when you all did, as well Tanaatos for your educated comments later on in this thread.

    - ----- -
    Simply put, U-571 was pure crap and shouldn't of been created. Regardless if it's a fictional story meant for entertainment, one should never take another countries achievements away from them. I am not a fan of the way Hollywood portrays history at all, I just feel this thread crossed a line it should've never the beginning...and by a select few.
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    Would someone please save that tank, it doesn't need to go through that type of torture.

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    youthcollector1, you are correct in your statements, however I do not think many of the posts ( yes some) were against the US's about Hollywood telling the world that the USA did everything, that was not my intent in my posts here.
    I work in the film industry here in Canada, and many Big budget films are shot here that most think are shot in the US. For Canadians it simple why we do not make big budget films about ourselves... we do not have the paying public to pay to see them and make back the money spent on the production, and many in other Countries would not be interested.
    One of the reasons the Russians held out a Stalingrad was they were supplied with US made canned meat and Milk ect... something that you never hear of.

    But for the rest of the Allies that the US supplied, the US made a LOT of money.

    Dean O

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    Whatever happened about the remake of the Dambusters movie, does anyone know?

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