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The "Fury" giveaway!!!

Article about: Hi everyone. Annoyed from this ads?   I think you may like this. Over the next couple of weeks i will be offering a Fury movie poster and an original German 25 year service faithful awa

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    For all those that have participated, good luck.
    And only 5 more days left.
    Contest will end Sunday, 16th of November.

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    Hope everyone is well.

    The winner of the Giveaway is WRF member, KMMorris, with an excellent answer.

    "First own comment! And Subscribed. (WRF Member KMMorris)
    1. Brad Pitt during Fury makes the interesting choice of liking the Sturmgewehr 44 over the grease gun which most of his comrades are armed with. It is interesting how he comments of the quality and power of the weapons vs the inadequate greaser.

    2. The act of placing the dead body in front of the Sherman was a very interesting idea. The idea of using a corps to both aid and intimidate the enemy has been explored in many other occasions including the using the frozen dead like sandbags on the Eastern Front. In the movie i think the body of the dead soldier created a powerful image with both shocked and intimidated the enemy with them thinking the tank was destroyed and it would be safe to approach. Which would therefore allow for a more effective ambush. "

    Congrats mate!!
    To all others, dont give up, this December i will host another giveaway that you will surely like, related to world war two and the movies.
    The official presentation will through the channel, so stay tuned.
    Thank you all for participating.

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    Wow mate absolutely great thanks for this.

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