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FYI....Google Images

Article about: A lot of people searching for info can find it very easily on Google by clicking on "Images" and then typing in what they are searching for,Google is truly your friend,just takes a

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    Any source of information, whether online or in a book, has to be regarded as a pointer in the right direction and should never be considered the "truth", as all are just opinions and in many cases facts are not facts, but merely opinions and can often be biased by any number of factors.

    Google is useful and should not be the end point of any research, but more a guide in the right direction and if it leads to this or another forum, that is a fine thing and of itself a worthwhile result.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    i think for people with some basic knowledge, it's helpful.

    but for individuals that are totally inexperienced it's not likely to be of a lot of use. and, unfortunately, these are the exact sorts of people who might ask the questions that seem so simple to the more initiated.

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    Templehof is right; google is an aid, not necessarily a definitive answer. Dwight

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