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Article about: This is what real men eat over here in Germany :-) IMG_1385.jpg

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    Default Gebirgsjäger

    This is what real men eat over here in Germany :-)


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    We get it here too at Lidl It is good.

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    I have it on the menu where I work with an edelweiss garnish

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    Lol! i must go down to Lidl and buy some. There is a german woman who has a little cheese shop in town and she makes the Best cheeses you will ever eat. my favorite is seaweed cheese (Its expensive too).


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    Lidl's sold the meat that nearly made a group of French children buy a farm!In case of a blackout the only things that would glow at night are foods from Lidl!

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    0,65 € 100 Gramm =?

    + a bottle führerwein
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    I take it if it's frozen it's the Eismeerfront version !!
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