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German Militaria Collectibles

Article about: I received an email just now from a website called German Militaria Collectibles (GMC) inviting me to join their new forum and sales site. I have no recollection of ever joining or even hear

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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Hi Corey,

    Do you have to pay to view their items for sale?
    You can view the items that are for sale in the listings format, but you have to pay for the membership in order to see the prices, contact the sellers, click on the ads, look at more pictures, use the search box, etc. The membership is $25 for a year. There may not seem to be a lot of stuff up for sale right now, but the site just came back online about 2 weeks ago...after being offline for about 8 months.

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    A word of advice to anyone wanting to join another forum, especially a new one, just take a look through the membership list and see who's there. You find that the undesireables who have been banned from the decent forums always end up accumulating in any new place - basically because they haven't got anywhere else to go.

    All the egos, attitudes, scammers, bullsh**ers, d**kheads, grudgebearers and unpleasantness in the hobby are drawn to these places like flies around the proverbial and create a forum governed by those with the loudest (virtual) voices and who want to vent their spleen about how unjustly they've been treated in such and such a place by so and so etc......

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    I've just re-read the GMC email where they promise as a member not to share my personal details with any 3rd party. Seems pretty hypocritical seeing as that's how they got my details in the first place!

    I've therefore requested to be removed from their database.

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