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German TV personality wears Iron Cros-shaped jewelry - much ado about nothing.

Article about: For the German speaking forum members (condensed translation below): Birgit Schrowanges Halskette: Jetzt schaltet sich das Verteidigungs-Ministerium ein - Leute - Birgit Schrowange,

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    Needless to say that Döner Kebab has long since had a march of triumph beyond Berlin City limits and conquered all of Germany, being a more popular "fast food" than hamburgers by now.

    (Make mine "with everything" including yoghurt sauce and that red spice on top. And I'll have a cold Ayran with that!)

    (We're straying a wee bit off-topic, methinks.)

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    Well, yeh, EK is really something very German...

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